AADHAAR Card Change Name / Surname Correction Online

If you recently got married that changed your name or if there are mistake(s) in the name, you can apply for AADHAAR card name change / name correction online as well as through post. PLEASE NOTE: Having a mobile phone number is necessary to apply for name change / name correction online. The online update portal will send an OTP (One Time Pin) to your mobile phone number.

If you do not have access to a mobile phone number or if you wish to apply for changes through post click here: AADHAAR Card Changes via Post - Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date Of Birth.

Maximum 4 change requests are allowed till March 2014.

For name change / name correction in AADHAAR card, a self attested Proof of Identity document is required. Your name must be clearly mentioned below the signatures/thumbprint when self attesting the Proof of Identity document. For children below five years, parent/guardian can fill and sign/provide thumbprint in the form and document copies. For the list of accepted Proof of Identity documents to apply for AADHAAR card changes click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required for Changes.

You can change your AADHAAR card data online, by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to AADHAAR card Online Self Service Update Portal using your AADHAAR number
  2. Submit your AADHAAR card name change / name correction request online
  3. Upload supporting self attested Proof of Identity document (soft copy) for the change of address online

You will be required to submit the name change / name correction request in English as well as your local language. Once the name change / name correction request is submitted you will be given your AADHAAR card Update Request Number. Save this number to track name change / name correction request status check and future references. Your AADHAAR card change request information will be verified by UIDAI representative and upon successful validation, the changes will be reflected in your AADHAAR card and the same will be communicated to you.

You can track your change request update status here: Track AADHAAR card Update Request Status Check.

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

Comments are closed. Please email your enquiries to: info@aadharcarduid.com

sandeep kumar singh 11-Jul-2014 08:23:14
Sir, My Name is ''Sandeep Kumar Singh'' but on AADHAR CARD Name ''Sandeep Singh'' only sir i want to get my New AADHAR CARD With full Name ''Sandeep Kumar Singh

vijay rathod 11-Jul-2014 06:27:51
a wrong from a my father name aadhar card

sarvadevabatla prameela 11-Jul-2014 04:31:04
please correction surname and address

NAGMANI SINGH 10-Jul-2014 08:17:23
Dear Sir Please change my post office name and pin no, this is my:- S/O: jay Shankar Singh,Behind OM Building,Village - Shekhpur,Shekhpur, Muzaffarpur,Bihar nnnnnn

Mithun Kumar Mandal 10-Jul-2014 05:29:00
Dear Team, in my aadhaar card my date of birth and my father name is wrong and i would like to Chang both. How can i chang Regards Mithun

SHARADA DEVADAS ROYYALA 09-Jul-2014 22:57:58
please change my name as per above

Mohammad Aadil Ansari 09-Jul-2014 20:30:23
sir please change my name and my father name my name is mohammad aadil ansari my father name is mohammad akram ansari

Vishnu Kshetri 09-Jul-2014 16:39:52
sir pls change my and my Father name in aadhar card my Correct name Vishnu Kshetri and my Father correct name is M Bahadur and My correct Add. TL II-1 Lower Lakhwad Colony Dakpathar Dehradun.

Nur mijan 08-Jul-2014 06:45:50
Amr name correction amr ronge name sk nur mijan, amr correct name nur mijan.

bhavishya katariya 08-Jul-2014 05:40:09
dear sir , can we change our photo on Adhar card while correcting the above information as well as ???

A.SURENDRA BABU 07-Jul-2014 06:18:09
Respected Sir, My Aadhar enrollment No:nnn0/nnn38/nnn35 and date:15/05/nnn3 ,time:10:53:41 I applied two times for aadhar card ,but not yet received. I request to verified and awaiting approval." please kindly look into the matter and do the needful immediately. thnk u

Nityanand 07-Jul-2014 06:02:58
plz speedly post my adhar card

gopi 06-Jul-2014 06:59:44
Dumaria katihar bihar

ghanshyam mahla 05-Jul-2014 22:58:12
sir pls change my name in aadhar card my correct name is ghanshyam mahla

NAGASUNDARI 03-Jul-2014 05:35:21
sir, kindly request for change my date of birth (30.o5.nnn4)

uwikirez 02-Jul-2014 10:12:13
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vundela satish 02-Jul-2014 08:02:45
name change

vijaya shree 30-Jun-2014 04:34:52
Sir, I wanted to correct my address in the aadhaar card. How many days does it take to get the details changed? will i receive a new card after doing this?

sanjeev kumar 29-Jun-2014 02:07:04
enrolment no-nnn0 /nnn18/nnn69date/27/06/nnn4 13:28:09 name- sanjeev singh change into sanjeev kumar

CH PRASAD 28-Jun-2014 10:44:04

kishan bahadur 28-Jun-2014 01:59:36
Aadhaar card correction for father name

kishan bahadur 28-Jun-2014 01:59:35
Aadhaar card correction for father name

GOURAV ARORA 27-Jun-2014 01:15:05
NaMe Correctuon

sonika sharma 25-Jun-2014 09:37:59
I have lost my EID of aadhar. pls suggestion how can get it again.

saroj kumar rout 25-Jun-2014 03:19:40
chang my name,theire is splingmistick my full name

Daniel.V.S.Nibin 23-Jun-2014 23:50:27
Dear Sir, My son name is Daniel.V.S.NibinThe Aadhar no is nnn8 nnn0 nnn4,Pls change the name Fallowup DANIEL .V . S. NIBIN. Thanks, and regards, A.Vetha Sundara Raj,

GANESH KUMAR 23-Jun-2014 13:04:17
i applied for correction in my mom name,DOB....So please kindly do the needful immediately...

Rupa Dhanaki 23-Jun-2014 05:53:21
last year I got married. I stay In my husband's house. I want to change my aadhar name and address. I tried updating through online by filling forms and uploaded self attested relating documents for change. but the comment says rejected as documents not self attested. requesting you plzzz check. my urn no. nnn0/nnn46/nnn14

Kotamraju Charumathi 23-Jun-2014 03:58:48
I applied for correction my surname in my aadhar card No.nnnnnnnnnnnn I have been given uri Number. I am receiving message since very long "status of the URN no. nnnnnnnnn91 Your request has been verified and awaiting approval". Please kindly do the needful immediately

murugan.v 21-Jun-2014 08:44:16
chanas addras

Kotamraju Charumathi 18-Jun-2014 02:04:23
I applied for correction in the surname. I am receiving the message that status of the URN no. nnnnnnnnnnnn91 Your request has been verified and awaiting approval. Please kindly do the needful immediately

rajesh 18-Jun-2014 01:48:25
I am apply for correction my date of birth aadhaar no :- nnnnnnnnnnnn and urn no :- nnnnnnnnnnnn06 on dated -- 28/10/nnn3 and time is 2:20 pm so please help me for college purpose So please call me nnnnnnnnn77

goutham.c 18-Jun-2014 01:47:40
i shuld change my name

girish 16-Jun-2014 07:42:34
i would like to correct my father name in aadharcard

deepshikha sharma 16-Jun-2014 03:47:49
i m apply for my surname change

samten tamang 14-Jun-2014 19:29:29
Im apply for correction name

vishal bhujbal 14-Jun-2014 02:11:52
birth date change

sanjay 13-Jun-2014 07:26:00
i am apply for my surname change

katelly 12-Jun-2014 11:26:15
i am a student how can i get self attested copies of id card and ration card

Kotamraju Charumathi 10-Jun-2014 10:29:30
Respected Sir, My Aadhar No.nnnnnnnnnnnn I applied for correction of my surname and I am receiving message "The status of the URN no. nnnnnnnnnnnn91 Your request has been verified and awaiting approval." please kindly look into the matter and do the needful immediately.

rajesh kumiar 10-Jun-2014 09:23:11
Sir, My name is Chanchana & DOB 01 jun nnn8 and as well as in adhar card ID nnnnnnnnnnnn my name mentioned in uid card issue chanchal &

dravin chouhan 08-Jun-2014 11:28:30
Plzz change my date of birth 23-08-nnn5

tarique 08-Jun-2014 09:10:58
i should correct one word for my father name akaram do the akram perfect name

bhavika manoj thakkar 08-Jun-2014 03:21:15
Address change and surname chage

Sona Singh 07-Jun-2014 10:58:26
Please make correction in my DOB to correct DOB-19 Jun nnn1, instead of wrong you have mentioned as only year nnn0 at basis of documents I have provided initially itself for UID card, in that document already mentioned my correct DOB- 19 Jun nnn1. Please amend my DOB as per initially documents provided for UID. Thanking you , Sir. Plz do need full amendment. It is initial wrong porting data by your clerk. Once again thanks. This is my husband email ID.

JITENDER 07-Jun-2014 01:29:00
my name is jitender.my wife aadhar card is name jitander please correct my name. JITENDER.AADHAR CARD NO IS nnn0/nnn07/nnn02

MARAPALLY MANJULA 06-Jun-2014 08:17:05

Rajshree Bhatt 06-Jun-2014 06:57:32
My name is Rajshree Bhatt but in aadhar card it menrion RajsheeBhatt my aadhar no. is nnnnnnnnnnnn plz correct it Rajshree Bhatt With Thanks

Raj kumar 06-Jun-2014 05:41:00
My name is Raj kumar but aadhaar card show Raj kaumar this is a mistake plz write my correct name RAJ KUMAR on my aadhaar card nonnn1 nnn9 nnn1

sadaf 05-Jun-2014 13:12:32
aadhar card
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