AADHAAR Card Change Name / Surname Correction Online

If you recently got married that changed your name or if there are mistake(s) in the name, you can apply for AADHAAR card name change / name correction online as well as through post. PLEASE NOTE: Having a mobile phone number is necessary to apply for name change / name correction online. The online update portal will send an OTP (One Time Pin) to your mobile phone number.

If you do not have access to a mobile phone number or if you wish to apply for changes through post click here: AADHAAR Card Changes via Post - Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date Of Birth.

Maximum 4 change requests are allowed till March 2014.

For name change / name correction in AADHAAR card, a self attested Proof of Identity document is required. Your name must be clearly mentioned below the signatures/thumbprint when self attesting the Proof of Identity document. For children below five years, parent/guardian can fill and sign/provide thumbprint in the form and document copies. For the list of accepted Proof of Identity documents to apply for AADHAAR card changes click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required for Changes.

You can change your AADHAAR card data online, by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to AADHAAR card Online Self Service Update Portal using your AADHAAR number
  2. Submit your AADHAAR card name change / name correction request online
  3. Upload supporting self attested Proof of Identity document (soft copy) for the change of address online

You will be required to submit the name change / name correction request in English as well as your local language. Once the name change / name correction request is submitted you will be given your AADHAAR card Update Request Number. Save this number to track name change / name correction request status check and future references. Your AADHAAR card change request information will be verified by UIDAI representative and upon successful validation, the changes will be reflected in your AADHAAR card and the same will be communicated to you.

You can track your change request update status here: Track AADHAAR card Update Request Status Check.

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

anshu chauhan 04-Jul-2015 01:15:20
how to change my W/O to D/O because there is data input mistake in Adhaar Card.

Murali Mohan Bissoyi 03-Jul-2015 22:59:53
how can i change my surname

Kalyanasundaram Ddanduthapani 03-Jul-2015 10:15:26

Kalyamasimdaram Dandauthabani 03-Jul-2015 10:13:22

Kalyamasimdaram Dandauthabani 03-Jul-2015 10:11:14
correction name spelling

Abhishek sao 03-Jul-2015 09:32:39
please add kumar my correct name is Abhishek kumar sao

rahul 03-Jul-2015 04:39:40
dad name as r.leonraj

rahul 03-Jul-2015 04:38:24
want to change my dad's name pllss reply for my comments

Nishanth Reddy Manepalli 03-Jul-2015 03:44:42
plz correct my name as Nishanth Reddy Manepalli

jyoti baghel 03-Jul-2015 03:04:47
my name is incorrect nd no. is not registerd ....

laxman majumdar 03-Jul-2015 02:35:21
how can i correction my surname?

Monalisha 03-Jul-2015 02:24:33
My surname is "DAS" and accordingly my surname registered as "DAS" in my Saving Banks Account and PAN Card, after marriage, In my Adhar card my surname is registered as "Satapathy" (Husband's surname) for which i am facing lots of problem to linked Adhar Card in my Banks account or when I do any other financial transaction two different surname in Voter ID and Adhar puts me in all odd situation, so please suggest some solution.

kishan sahani 02-Jul-2015 15:13:21
i want to change my father's name, which was misspelled in my aadhar card.

Hari Babu 02-Jul-2015 09:30:35
changed the name of my wife after marriage how to change the name and address plz solve my problem..

chetan 02-Jul-2015 06:38:47
my wife name change plz argatly Reply

yameen 01-Jul-2015 06:57:21

Amir Rasul Shikalgar 01-Jul-2015 06:48:39
Plz my father name change

Balvinder Singh bhatia 01-Jul-2015 01:09:43
I have to change my father's surname..

Vikramdayama 01-Jul-2015 00:53:08
adders name change post. Village name change karna hai

ymythri 30-Jun-2015 23:49:45
i want to activate my phne num,ber

pratima padhi 30-Jun-2015 08:30:21
please change my name

Letsumew T 30-Jun-2015 06:48:27
sir, I want to activate my phone number (nnnnnnnnn8) in my e - aadhaar Card.

Gauri Bhagwat 30-Jun-2015 04:22:29
I want to correction my surname

rahul anil wadage 30-Jun-2015 03:49:01

Madan singh 30-Jun-2015 03:39:03
I want correct my home address card address is B 50 Laxmi Vihar but actual address is 50B Laxmi Vihar so how can correct my home address

Ujjwal Goyal 30-Jun-2015 02:55:09
Actually my father's name is Rajiv Goyal. But by misake in aadhar card, the name is Rajeev Goyal. So i want to correct the name. Please Guide

Abhishek Tyagi 30-Jun-2015 02:33:53
Mere father ke name somdatt Tyagi h or mujhe somdutt Tyagi ye name krvana Plz help me urgently

parthiban 30-Jun-2015 02:02:54
my name is parthiban but aadhar card name should parthipan what can i do sir

Grenville Ferreira 29-Jun-2015 06:14:25
I have applied for correction in name spelling on09-06-nnn5. My name should spell as Grenville and not Greenville as printed. How long does it take.

Mohammed kubeb 29-Jun-2015 04:25:24
PleaseChange name kubeb to Mohammed kubeb

lopit mohapatra 29-Jun-2015 03:09:38
Please change my name lopit mohapatra to lopit kumar mohapatra

jaswant singh 28-Jun-2015 15:00:34
my brother has his aadhaar card not the full size long one but the one with scissors mark at the bottom. he has lost the upper part and the enrolment slip. he has also changed his registered mobile number and does not have access to the old phone. while applying for passport they are asking for full size one to check the date of issue. I have tried getting eid from registered email but email verification is not working. Is there any way to generate e aadhaar or eid for future use. We have uid(12 digit aadhaar number). Any help will be appreciated.

murugan 28-Jun-2015 12:54:53
My Aadhaar No;nnnnnnnnnnnn En Rol No;nnn2/nnn98/nnn60.I am unable to any corrections due to didn't get to acknowledgement. I wish to know on which time and date. Thanks.

GULAM NISSAR AHMED 28-Jun-2015 11:57:23
Change my name in aadhar card

g.sathishkumar 28-Jun-2015 05:57:50
my adhar card no nnnnnnnnnnnn please change my name g. sathish kumar . waitin for reply

NARENDRA KUMAR GUPTA 28-Jun-2015 02:41:23
my adhaar card o is nnnnnnnnnnnn. please change my DOB. MY CORRECT DOB is 24-7-nnn6

ABHINAV ARYA 27-Jun-2015 08:13:45
Sir I want to change my photo, name, and address on aadhar card. so, please help me

muhsin attari 27-Jun-2015 05:16:56
Mujhe apna name & father,s neme & dob thik karna hai

AFAK KHAN 26-Jun-2015 22:48:34
Sir mere aadhar card mai dob aur father name aur mother name galat ho gaya hai kese sahi hoga aadhar card par koi mobile ya email nahi pada hai

HARIOM MISHRA 26-Jun-2015 19:41:04

HARIOM MISHRA 26-Jun-2015 19:39:10

dhruvraj biswas 26-Jun-2015 12:47:58
change name surname and D.O.B

vansh verma 26-Jun-2015 09:59:07
Adhar no is nnn9 nnn7 nnn8 in name vansh sharma but name is vansh verma kindly change my sir name

nikki 26-Jun-2015 06:26:04

Anshu kumari 26-Jun-2015 04:10:31
My name is Anshu kumari but my aadhar Sir name is Anshu Devi .please change my aadhar Sir name

yameen 25-Jun-2015 03:26:14

M.Ajith Samuel 24-Jun-2015 11:18:22
My name is Ajith Samuel but my aadhar name is ajith muthurajan.please change my aadhar name

prasanna 24-Jun-2015 07:23:58
My name is prasanna gowda but aadhar id card it's mention prashant gowda what i do for thise problem plz help me to corret the name and nothing is but one thing my mobile no: is notregisterd plz inform me by email it's very urgent to change my no: it' reqest as erlyer u can solbe thise problem

pravesh kumar 24-Jun-2015 05:58:46
aadhaar me sudhar

charul purohit 24-Jun-2015 03:33:36
i want to change my name in aadhar card mention aadhar card name - charool purohit but my name is charul purohit..so please change the spelling on it
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