AADHAAR Card Change Name / Surname Correction Online

If you recently got married that changed your name or if there are mistake(s) in the name, you can apply for AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change online as well as through post. PLEASE NOTE: Having a mobile phone number is necessary to apply for name change / name correction / surname change online. The online update portal will send an OTP (One Time Pin) to your mobile phone number.

If you do not have access to a mobile phone number or if you wish to apply for name change / name correction / surname change through post click here: AADHAAR Card Changes via Post - Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date Of Birth.

Maximum 4 AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change requests are allowed.

For name change / name correction / surname change in AADHAAR card, a self attested Proof of Identity document is required. Clearly write your AADHAAR number on all document copies. Your name must be clearly written below the signatures/thumbprint when self attesting the Proof of Identity document. For children below five years, parent/guardian can fill and sign/provide thumbprint in the supporting document copies. For the list of accepted Proof of Identity documents to apply for AADHAAR card changes click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required for Changes.

You can apply for AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change online, by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to AADHAAR card Online Self Service Update Portal using your AADHAAR number
  2. Submit your AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change request online
  3. Upload supporting self attested Proof of Identity document (soft copy) for AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change online

You will be required to submit the AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change request in English as well as your local language. Once the name change / name correction / surname change request is submitted you will be given your AADHAAR card Update Request Number. Save this number to track name change / name correction / surname change request status check and future references. Your AADHAAR card change request information will be verified by UIDAI representative and upon successful validation, the changes will be reflected in your AADHAAR card and the same will be communicated to you.

You can track your change request update status here: Track AADHAAR card Update Request Status Check.

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

Depesh 22-Nov-2015 22:56:48
My name is rong not deepesh my name is depesh

Rathnakumar 22-Nov-2015 12:33:34
when I changing the spelling of my name, a mistake is being created in my local language

PAWAN KUMAR 22-Nov-2015 07:22:47
surname of my father in my aadharcard is wrong.how to get it corrected?

A,Sri Lakshmi Tirapatamma 21-Nov-2015 02:21:21
name and date of birth and Address change Name : A..Sri Lakshmi Tirapatamma, Date Of Brith :06-06-nnn6. Change of Address : Ambati vari Street, Vellaluru, Ponnur(m),Guntur (D) Pin:nnnnnn.

Aabid Abbas sayed 20-Nov-2015 15:55:30
I want to change my name in aadhar card as sayed aabid abbas

Lakshmi Kumari 20-Nov-2015 07:15:42
I gave divorce to my husband an year ago. I have 2 year old daughter. I got married again. Now i want my daughter adhara card to be prepared. What are the documents to be submitted. Because in her date of birth certificate surname is different.

Aditya Rajput 20-Nov-2015 06:41:21
Aditya Rajput

Ram chandra Bhoi 20-Nov-2015 03:16:56
My date of birth is worng mentioned in adhar card please help me what to do

Ram chandra Bhoi 20-Nov-2015 03:16:55
My date of birth is worng mentioned in adhar card please help me what to do

Deepa 19-Nov-2015 10:57:22
My husband name is Kasinathan(as per record). Wrongly mentioned as Kasinadhan. My Enrolment no is nnn0/nnn25/nnn15. Kindly change the spelling as per the record. Thank you.

k Ravikumar 18-Nov-2015 06:33:10
Ravi change. My surname is K Ravikumar

VIROO 17-Nov-2015 11:53:26
My wrong name typing mistake creation time My correct name is viroo

Aabid Abbas sayed 17-Nov-2015 11:42:52
Wants to change my name in aadhar card

iq 17-Nov-2015 09:51:27

K. SHAMEEM BANU 17-Nov-2015 01:33:08
My husband name is VAKEEM KAMAL(as per record). Wrongly mentioned as Kamaludeen. My aadhar no is nnn3 nnn4 nnn6. Kindly change the name as per record. Thank you

Mahesh 17-Nov-2015 01:10:59
i want add my Email.id

Syeda Umme Habiba 16-Nov-2015 13:35:37
How to change birth date on Aadhar card?

Savanthi Adla 16-Nov-2015 05:05:30
My surname in Aadhar card was recorded as seru instead of Adla.So kindly make a correction accordingly.

kartik gollen 14-Nov-2015 05:27:31
I want change my father name please give me help

MEGHANA.P.B 14-Nov-2015 04:03:08
I want to add my DOB n change mob no in adhar card ... whereever i go n give adhar as a proof they wil ask DOB should be their in adhar so please help me.....

REVANNA B S 14-Nov-2015 00:15:15

choudhary sunil 12-Nov-2015 13:45:24
Change my name

dharamvir singh 11-Nov-2015 22:01:03
Surname add karana he

srikanth 10-Nov-2015 12:13:43
Hi, I have send the rent agreement to update the address, it is rejected don't know what is the problem and why is it rejected. Help me get it corrected. Thanks in advance.

norullah 10-Nov-2015 00:25:15
name change

Anamika Rai 09-Nov-2015 09:13:47
Mistake- surname- Rai to be corrected as sharma.

shashikant chauhan 09-Nov-2015 05:33:32
how i change my address

Jyothi V 08-Nov-2015 06:18:50
Hi As i changed name completely in all my documents so i am requesting to make changes in my Aadhara card. And i will be waiting for the confirmation mail. thank u

siddharth verma 06-Nov-2015 07:17:03
my name change please

Anbuselvi 06-Nov-2015 04:17:03
my name is anbuselvi,but aadhar card in name anbuselvam . So,name change to anbuselvi, please

Arunh kumar 05-Nov-2015 22:29:38
I want to change my address in my aadhar card

Matilda Rajendran 05-Nov-2015 22:21:24
I need to change my sername n address changing.my mobile number is

Rahman Mohd Rafeeque Saleem 05-Nov-2015 08:40:37
Hi I want to change my home address on my Adhara card

mahadev kumar 05-Nov-2015 05:53:28
change my fist name

Sir I am a penshioner.. I wish to change my name from SARASWATI M PASBOLA to SARASWATIDEVI M SHARMA. I have a PAN CARD by this name SHARMA What other documents will I have to submitt. Regards

Thirumurugan K 03-Nov-2015 09:02:30
Sure Name Thirumurugan Karuppan Correct Name is Thirumurugan K please give me a help

garima ahuja 02-Nov-2015 13:19:00
i want to change my surname, address & my mobile number please help me

deepak rana 02-Nov-2015 01:30:10
please change

Muthu P 01-Nov-2015 05:21:41
Surname is Ponraman mistake, correct name is Ponramu

Kavita Jha 01-Nov-2015 03:17:04
i want add my mobile no nnnnnnnnn5

jp yadav 30-Oct-2015 20:24:10
change my name plese give me help

Sindhu 30-Oct-2015 06:11:09
Hii I have a correction in my dob I need to change it and I didn't give my mobile no. During registertion I need to update it what do I need to do

Supriyo Devaprasad Samaddar 28-Oct-2015 04:39:18
I would like to change my name in my Adhar Card no nnn2 nnn5 nnn9 and my mobile number is not updated. How can I do it online? My mobile number is nnnnnnnnn2.

Saima 27-Oct-2015 11:37:59
In which file format should the documents be uploaded? Like PDF or jpg?

shaik saleha sharief 27-Oct-2015 10:37:15
What is official postal address for posting details. Please let me know?

shaik saleha sharief 27-Oct-2015 10:28:24
For change of mistakes / details on aadhar card, we have lost our mobile number/ sim card for OTP . Please suggest us to go further

shaik saleha sharief 27-Oct-2015 10:15:09
Change spelling of my name, father name, and change address................ please help?

shaik saleha sharief 27-Oct-2015 10:11:22
Change of my name, father name, address

radha jayaraj 27-Oct-2015 07:06:50
I want to change in aadhar card address and surname. so plz. help me

Kh rounak 23-Oct-2015 13:32:51
Thanks for this site
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