What is AADHAAR?

The Unique Identification Authority has started issuing AADHAAR to all the residents of India (including migrants), on behalf of Government of India. It is an auto-generated random number, without any classification based on caste, creed, religion or geography. It is a 12 digits unique identification number, which will be unique to an individual and remains valid for life. An individual can get only one unique identification number and it will remain fixed for life. AADHAAR will serve as a proof of identity and address, across India.

Who can apply?

There are no restrictions of age or gender. Any individual, including infants, who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the UIDAI can enroll for AADHAAR.

What are the fees?

There are no fees. AADHAAR is issued free of cost to the residents of India. An individual needs to enroll for the AADHAAR only once.

Is it compulsory?

Enrolling for AADHAAR is not compulsory. However agencies and service providers may choose to use AADHAAR in their system, in which case you may be required to get the AADHAAR to use their services.

What are the benefits?

  • AADHAAR will be used as identification proof for services like banking, ration card, passport, mobile phone connections, etc.
  • Service providers will no longer have to repeatedly perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
  • AADHAAR will be easily verified online in a cost-effective way.
  • Residents will be enrolled with proper verification of their demographic and biometric information. This will help eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases.
  • AADHAAR will give migrants mobility of identity.
  • AADHAAR will facilitate entry for poor and underprivileged residents into the formal banking system and the opportunity to avail services provided by the government and the private sector

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nur salam miah 26-Jul-2015 22:30:10

suresh khichi 26-Jul-2015 07:28:28
lost of my aadaar card live in barmer mahaveer nager barmer.

anish 26-Jul-2015 04:36:56
Im lost my silip

Somnath Das 25-Jul-2015 12:27:26
Sir, My name is Somnath Das. I want to my ADHAR card...! My enrollment no.nnn2/nnn90/nnn14. Npr Rcpt No:nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Date:-27/06/nnn4 Time:-15:55:39. Address:- Assannagar, Bansberia, Nadia, West Bengal-nnnnnn DOB-07/05/nnn6

Somnath Das 25-Jul-2015 12:06:42
Sir, My name is Somnath Das. I want to my ADHAR card...! My enrollment no.nnn2/nnn90/nnn14. Npr Rcpt No:nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Date:-27/06/nnn4 Time:-15:55:39. Address:- Assannagar, Bansberia, Nadia, West Bengal-nnnnnn DOB-07/05/nnn6

Mohd shahnawaz 25-Jul-2015 11:15:39
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MUKESH CHAND S/O JAGRAM SINGH 25-Jul-2015 09:19:59

Vaishali Oswal 25-Jul-2015 01:32:51
I had enrolled for aadhar card last year but did not receive it till date. Unfortunately I have also have lost my acknowledgement slip. How can I will get my aadhar card. Please help.

Bharathan R 25-Jul-2015 01:31:07
I am having Aadhar card wants to shift to Chennai of Tamilnadu from Salem of Tamilnadu Is it necrssry to apply fresh card.

Bharathan 25-Jul-2015 01:25:53
It is difficult to find where the aadhar centre in Salem district of Tamilnadu. And also at Chennai to change the daye of birth which was wrongly entered.

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Gunjan singh 24-Jul-2015 13:04:10
Please give the details of adhar card center in rohini.i live in rohini sector 2 and i need to apply for adhar card

K.C.Kandaswami 24-Jul-2015 12:24:33
Iam residing in chennai city any private agencies done the adhar card work.Because Iam aged 69 and unable to tolerate rush in my area.

Sahil Khan 24-Jul-2015 06:16:31
i am using Addharcad

Poojacd 24-Jul-2015 06:10:09
Where can I get the Aadhar card registration form in Mulund West

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Niranjan Surana 23-Jul-2015 13:00:15
I am in J&k where there seems very little awareness and places to get registered with AADHAR. needs list of AADHAR near by Jammu City.

Alekhya kuchimanchi 23-Jul-2015 09:32:25
hello sir...i lost my aadhar card how can i get new aadhar card(original) by post. please tell me...thanku

Iyyappan 23-Jul-2015 08:25:17
online mobile number regester

Ragavesh 23-Jul-2015 07:48:21
We are NRIving in Thiruvannamalai dt, Tamilnadu. Where can we take photos for aadhar card.?

Vicky Yadav 23-Jul-2015 02:48:46
My Photo Change & Phone Number

P.Govindaraj mohan 23-Jul-2015 00:19:06
I wish to have aadhar card. I am in tirupur in tamilnadu. We don't have enrollment centre..please help me

musfira arshad shaikh 22-Jul-2015 21:14:23
I want to know my aadhar card number

T K Sahu 22-Jul-2015 11:18:39
AADHAAR Card is a Photo Identity Proof. However the photo of my Aadhaar Card is so poor that, I can't recognize myself. What is the procedure to change the photo in the AADHAAR Card? Please let me know.

c.Rajapandian 22-Jul-2015 05:49:55
My used for aadharcard.

nivi jalan 22-Jul-2015 03:26:41
Please notify about aadhar card centre in nasik city, area college road....and all documents needed for 8 year kid

Rahul jain 22-Jul-2015 02:37:37
I want to make my adhar card ?

Rahul jain 22-Jul-2015 02:30:40
How to make my adhar kard

Sridhar K. 22-Jul-2015 01:03:07
Thanks for help

Rahul singh yadav 21-Jul-2015 12:12:01
I wanna make adhar card

rakishore taram 21-Jul-2015 11:49:12

Sagar koli 21-Jul-2015 10:03:41

NAVEEN Raj. S 21-Jul-2015 08:00:49
How to down load aadhar

Yvonne John Daniel 21-Jul-2015 05:54:24
On the 12th of this month, my father-in-law expired. Is it necessary to cancel his aadhaar card? What is the procedure. Regards, Mrs. John

CollinTug 20-Jul-2015 13:53:36
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Goutam Das 20-Jul-2015 13:24:13
Can I change my permanent address later. If yes, what is the procedure.

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mm sharma 20-Jul-2015 04:12:12
I want to download duplicate adharcard

mm sharma 20-Jul-2015 04:10:16
I want to download duplicate adharcard

rohini 20-Jul-2015 00:18:12
iwant aadhar card

SeoMason 19-Jul-2015 16:36:18
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