What is AADHAAR?

The Unique Identification Authority has started issuing AADHAAR to all the residents of India (including migrants), on behalf of Government of India. It is an auto-generated random number, without any classification based on caste, creed, religion or geography. It is a 12 digits unique identification number, which will be unique to an individual and remains valid for life. An individual can get only one unique identification number and it will remain fixed for life. AADHAAR will serve as a proof of identity and address, across India.

Who can apply?

There are no restrictions of age or gender. Any individual, including infants, who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the UIDAI can enroll for AADHAAR.

What are the fees?

There are no fees. AADHAAR is issued free of cost to the residents of India. An individual needs to enroll for the AADHAAR only once.

Is it compulsory?

Enrolling for AADHAAR is not compulsory. However agencies and service providers may choose to use AADHAAR in their system, in which case you may be required to get the AADHAAR to use their services.

What are the benefits?

  • AADHAAR will be used as identification proof for services like banking, ration card, passport, mobile phone connections, etc.
  • Service providers will no longer have to repeatedly perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
  • AADHAAR will be easily verified online in a cost-effective way.
  • Residents will be enrolled with proper verification of their demographic and biometric information. This will help eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases.
  • AADHAAR will give migrants mobility of identity.
  • AADHAAR will facilitate entry for poor and underprivileged residents into the formal banking system and the opportunity to avail services provided by the government and the private sector

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kamlesh kumar 11-Jul-2014 02:11:19
provide my duplicate aadhar copy...

R.Prasanthkumar 11-Jul-2014 01:50:44
please allow me to down load my duplicate aadhaar card as it is required urgently for my identifiction since I AM away from my house.MY AADHAAR CARD No.nnnnnnnnnnnn

aysha aziz faridi 10-Jul-2014 04:40:02
Lost my card

ritesh rana 09-Jul-2014 00:44:57
I didn't get my aadhar card

Poonam w/o Rajesh 07-Jul-2014 05:17:05
Resident copy

Amit Kumar Patel 04-Jul-2014 14:03:43

kshitish kumar mohanta 04-Jul-2014 09:24:17
Adhar card

om prakash saini 03-Jul-2014 02:36:23
aadhar card

thiagugopal 02-Jul-2014 03:23:18
I'll miss my enrolled no how to get my aadhaar card

przriwdnk 01-Jul-2014 20:07:33
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khushboo raj 28-Jun-2014 07:06:03
i want to know aadhar card enrollment centre that is still open in bhilai,chhattisgarh-nnnnnn

Omkara rana 27-Jun-2014 08:27:02
Sir,i dont received my aadhaar card pls help me.

patel nileshkumar khandubhai 27-Jun-2014 01:51:48
maine adhaar card ke liye form filled up kiya tha lekin abhi tak aya nahi to uske liye hum kya kar sakte he pls help....

rekha siddharth dabhade 24-Jun-2014 10:12:13
rekha siddharth dabhade.at.post. kanhe. tal.maval..dist.pune nnnnnn.

Praful prakash darde 23-Jun-2014 08:54:45
My aadhar card look out

AJAY KUMAR 21-Jun-2014 08:02:56
i want to make my aadhar card

nishant 19-Jun-2014 11:16:31
In patna where can i apply for aadhar card

Malay Kumar Banerjee 18-Jun-2014 06:40:14
I want to enqury abt my aadhar card

Devaraja 17-Jun-2014 08:18:20
I lost my acknowledgement what can i do?

RicKn 11-Jun-2014 08:38:38
aadhar card

Mobina ansari 10-Jun-2014 09:11:43
Please give me information of place in lucknow where aadhaarcards are making

Anuj pratap singh jadon 07-Jun-2014 05:34:10
i an living in agra please i want to make aadhar card immidately

brievesheds 04-Jun-2014 23:56:32
aadhar card

Sonu 02-Jun-2014 06:10:06
my name is Sonu and i live in Chakkarpur Gurgaon(H.R) me job ki interview k liye yaha k Spencer company me gaya to mene apna AADHAAR CARD ID proof ki taraf se dikhaya to unhone kaha ki AADHAAR CARD ki koi value nahi hai. WTF indian system

Deepak kumar Das 02-Jun-2014 03:08:59
Mara ovitak aadhaar card aaye nahi

sanjeev kumar 31-May-2014 23:50:35
I want to check and inquiry my aadhaar card cause i was not recived my aadhaar card but my other family member recived.

sanjeev kumar 31-May-2014 23:43:50
I want to check and inquiry my aadhaar card

ayush ujjain 31-May-2014 01:18:45
i want to change my name in aadhar card

ayush ujjain 31-May-2014 01:18:45
i want to change my name in aadhar card

ayush ujjain 31-May-2014 01:18:44
i want to change my name in aadhar card

Phurbu Tsering 29-May-2014 13:32:05
Aadhaar card

kottaikaruppasamy 28-May-2014 03:47:24
aadhar card

Dhammadip Sadashiv Dhoble 27-May-2014 10:22:37
I need to change my address in UIDAI

arvindkumar 25-May-2014 04:07:07
Aadharcard centre at Patia,bhubaneshwar, will start from which date

R.G. Venkataraman 22-May-2014 05:10:09
I need change of address in my aadhar card. what should I do

vishal dsouza 21-May-2014 05:46:09
Is this still working. If so we would like to apply for the same. Kindly let us know the center address with contact num in mangalore, karnataka.

k.mohamed asif 20-May-2014 01:58:51
I want to apply adhar card

XRumerTest 18-May-2014 07:21:33
Hello. And Bye.

XRumerTest 17-May-2014 16:16:38
Hello. And Bye.

sunny 16-May-2014 14:42:08
any information about AADHAAR centre in Jammu district now. because we making AAdhaar card quickly as soon as possible.

XRumerTest 16-May-2014 04:14:19
Hello. And Bye.

Prem Baboo 14-May-2014 01:38:41
HI, I want to make my Aadhar Card so what should I collect documents for this. Please suggest me and where I can apply for this. Thanks

oBlissowInogs 13-May-2014 22:29:22
aadhar card

Hardeep singh 23-Apr-2014 12:07:08
Pls give me adhar card center information in kavinagar ghaziabad

Hardeep singh 23-Apr-2014 12:01:25
Kavinagar ghaziabad center

D M Gupta 22-Apr-2014 00:37:36
We live in River Bank Colony ,Lucknow nnnnnn.I want to know if there is a Aadhar card center working nearby City railway station/Golaganj/Residency.

Shiv kumar 19-Apr-2014 08:11:28
When and where starts aadhar card registration in muzaffarpur bihar

V.Ravi Kumar 18-Apr-2014 05:35:33
Please tell me how to apply online for aadhaar card in Tamilnadu.

Sudhanshu Sawan 17-Apr-2014 18:03:15
I want making aadhaar card instantaneously.

nazir ansari 14-Apr-2014 05:05:22
I lost my every thing ration card pan card adhaar uid so i want my adhaar card so please rwply me how to get it
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