AADHAAR Card Status Check

AADHAAR card status

There are two options to check your AADHAAR card status. You can check the AADHAAR card status online and you can check the AADHAAR card status by phone, through SMS. Both these options to check AADHAAR card status are explained below.

Please note: As per the UIDAI guidelines, it can take about 3 months (90 days) to receive AADHAAR card after you enroll at AADHAAR card center. If you have applied for AADHAAR card before April 01, 2012 and not yet received / got your AADHAAR card, click here: AADHAAR Card Not Received? You may have to re-apply.

Once your AADHAAR card is processed successfully, you will receive the acknowledgement SMS to your registered mobile phone and/or your registered email address. After you receive the acknowledgement, you can download duplicate AADHAAR card online. You need not wait for the original AADHAAR card to be delivered at home, as the duplicate AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one.

Please Note: To download duplicate AADHAAR card, you will need the acknowledgement slip that was given to you when you went to the AADHAAR card center for registration.
To download duplicate AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR card download duplicate copy online.

If you have not received any communication from UIDAI about your AADHAAR card processing, you can still check your AADHAAR card application status online. To check the status online, you will need the acknowledgement slip that was given to you when you went to the AADHAAR card center for registration.

In the acknowledgement slip, look for these 2 items on the top:

  1. 14 digit enrollment number
  2. 14 digit date and time of enrollment
These 28 digits form your temporary enrollment identity (EID). Enter these 2 items in the correspoing boxes in the AADHAAR card status check page here.
To check your AADHAAR card status by phone, send an SMS as "UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>" (e.g. UID STATUS 12345678901234) to 51969. If your AADHAAR card is generated and the SMS is sent from the registered mobile phone number then you will receive the AADHAAR card number, otherwise only the current AADHAAR card status will be communicated.
AADHAAR Card Status Check

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MD MAHBOOB ALI 07-Jul-2014 01:12:11
I couldn't received aadhar card my & family also

laiq warsi 03-Jul-2014 13:34:49
my aadhar card status

kalyankar Sandip Digambar 29-Jun-2014 06:41:41
I am not received card

Biowwosytew 28-Jun-2014 15:09:43
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Asheesh Agarwal 28-Jun-2014 03:33:55
DOB 04/05/nnn0

pawan kushwah 23-Jun-2014 13:54:14
aadhar card

sajjala kodandagari sagar 23-Jun-2014 03:33:30
sir i have apply my aadhar to correct my name it is emergency for passport for my studies my enroll no is nnn8/nnn21/nnn86 date and time 12:12:27

anurag nayak 20-Jun-2014 10:26:51
sir my name is anurag nayak my pin code nnnnnn my birth date 06/01/nnn8 my enrolment slip mising plz send my enro.no and date time on my email

DILEEP RAWAT 19-Jun-2014 02:30:38
dear sir, meri enrollment no ki slip kho gyi hai my mobile no nnnnnnnnn8

Rakesh jha 15-Jun-2014 15:39:04
Sir my name is rakesh amarnath jha my date of birth 28-02-nnn5 plz enrolment slip is missing plz send slip my mail id

Ramakrishna 14-Jun-2014 06:21:34
i am already enrolled in second time, in first was cancelled.but the adhar status shows "under proses". please tell me whats the problem. my enroll id is nnn7/nnn46/nnn81& date is 24/01/nnn4 & time is 12:59:41. please give status.

satendrayadav 12-Jun-2014 13:13:42

RAHUL SINGH 11-Jun-2014 05:48:58

dayashanker verma 10-Jun-2014 07:48:47

Prince Lal 08-Jun-2014 08:19:32
my enrolment slip is lost please provide slip in this email id

SUSHMA DEVI 31-May-2014 03:36:11
my aadhar card

chaina ram 28-May-2014 02:08:06
my addhar card slip is lost please slip provide

Joshi Chandrakant 26-May-2014 05:28:01
enroll no nnn8/nnn05/nnn80 date 24/05/ nnn3 20:18:50 adhar card not received uptill now .so do necessary action. & contact me on mobile no nnnnnnnnn6.

chandrakant joshi 23-May-2014 05:51:58
enroll no nnn8/nnn05/nnn80 date 24/05/nnn3 20:18:50 adhar card not received uptill now .so do necessary action. & contact me on mobile no nnnnnnnnn6.

Chandrakant Joshi 23-May-2014 05:46:53
my enrollment no. nnn8/nnn05/nnn80 24/05/nnn3 18:20:50 I can't get adhar card uptill now. Why ?

SWATI SANJAY JOGI 21-May-2014 06:52:47
No Received my Aadhar Card

illam ramakrishna 19-May-2014 08:55:40
my father illam dharmaraju his lost enroll slip if can tell me what about my father

Anarkali 17-May-2014 03:25:39
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Nereesyhiny 06-May-2014 05:58:27
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Rakhi 01-May-2014 03:09:48
thank you for help

Mangai Doraiswamy 18-Apr-2014 03:15:35
My enrolment Number is:nnn0/nnn15/nnn49 dt.30/09/nnn3 11:20:37. I have received a message stating this aadhaar card has been rejected due to data/process error. what should I do now? pl guide me.

amar j chaudhary 17-Apr-2014 10:44:47
havn't recieved my aadhar card yet

bakshish Singh 15-Apr-2014 04:52:39
I want to update

Sunny Samuel Gawai 13-Apr-2014 17:29:28
I cnt get my adhar card i lost my enrollment number. . So what can i do?

uttam karna bahadur chetry 11-Apr-2014 03:46:40
Sir Mera aadhaar enrollment no nnn7/nnn07/nnn59 Date 19/02/nnn4 Ko vara tha, mera aadhaar card ke liye koi massege aab tak nahi mila.kripaya Mera aadhaar card tayyar kar veje

yamuna devi 02-Apr-2014 11:01:23
lost slip which contains EID no. and have not receive the orignal card . please send me my EID no.

PARMAR DILIP AMBALAL 02-Apr-2014 07:17:16
Please Send Me My aadhaar Card Status.

simran dhariya 31-Mar-2014 11:40:04
Please send me my aadhaar card status

R Alvin Felix 28-Mar-2014 02:52:00
Date of birth 07 Jul nnn1

zita naidu 28-Mar-2014 02:49:45
Date of birth 18 Jan nnn2

juli kumari 22-Mar-2014 08:01:47
sir ,i lost my registration slip and the person applied after me got there aadhaar card please let me know you can help me through my name or i should apply again .

deo mani choudhary 21-Mar-2014 06:24:43

Amol Adhav 21-Mar-2014 01:56:14
What is the status of my card?

garima dora 21-Mar-2014 01:49:42
i lost my aadhaar card and want to kne the enorolment number.. and date and time.. for d new aadhaar card..

jatinder singh 20-Mar-2014 10:56:17
Mera aadhaar card no abhi yak nahi mila

kishore 19-Mar-2014 05:11:53
i got message from UID on jan 22, that aadhaar number has been generated, you can download your e-aadhaar after 4 days, but now i check, signature is not verified

mera aur mere brothers ka aadhaar card nahi aaya hai. date:21/01/nnn4 16:45:54 enrollment no: nnn9/nnn55/nnn57

Navin Priyadarshi 18-Mar-2014 09:59:44
plz provide details regarding my aadhaar no. enrol nnn7/nnn08/nnn88 dt nnnnnn14

pradip giri 15-Mar-2014 09:49:46
AAdhar card is rejected

KUNAL 13-Mar-2014 01:49:00

purashotamma S 12-Mar-2014 04:18:50
I didn't receive my aadhaar card

mukesh bhasin 08-Mar-2014 06:29:40
Resp. Sir I have aadhaar cardt received the enrollment slip, how to get the status for my aadhaar card ? Thanks

himanshu pal 07-Mar-2014 05:37:05

kalyan singh 05-Mar-2014 10:04:00
My aadhaar number is nnnnnnnnnnnn Email - ksmeena97@gmail.com Mobile number nnnnnnnnn7 Area pin nnnnnn Plz sent eaadhar pdf

jogender kumar 03-Mar-2014 04:38:51
teen char mahine ho gaye hai mera aur mere parivaar ka aadhaar card nahi aaya hai dehradun city me bana hai par abhi tak nahi mila
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