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Please note that you CAN NOT apply for AADHAAR card online. You can ONLY apply for an appointment date online, for select enrollment centers. To apply AADHAAR card, with / without online appointment, you have to physically go to the AADHAAR card enrollment center. To learn about AADHAAR card procedure click here: AADHAAR Card Registration Process.

Online appointment for AADHAAR card Enrollment has been started on a trial basis at selected Enrollment Centers. Please note that not all AADHAAR card centers have online appointment facility. If your locality is not listed in the online appointment application website, you will have to apply physically at any neary AADHAAR card center.
You can walkin to any nearby AADHAAR card center, without prior appointment to apply for AADHAAR card.

To book AADHAAR card appointment online click here: Appointment for AADHAAR Enrollment online.
To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.
To download AADHAAR card application form online click here: AADHAAR Card Application Form Download.
To know about the documents required to apply for AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required.

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

dageshwsr 09-Feb-2016 23:52:26
Dageshwar sahu

Sunil Vishwakarma 08-Feb-2016 21:28:42
I'm student my hoby adhar card mekar

SHAH ASHISHKUMAR 08-Feb-2016 12:20:47

Md.Habibullah Ameen 08-Feb-2016 09:19:21
I want my aadhar card plz

hajra khatun 07-Feb-2016 13:49:22
Hajra khatun

M.keerthana 07-Feb-2016 07:25:01
I also enrolment my adhar on 5-2-nnn6. When I will get aadhar card

M.keerthana 07-Feb-2016 07:23:28
I also enrolment my adhar on 5-2-nnn6. When I will get aadhar card

M.keerthana 07-Feb-2016 07:16:37
When will aadhar card will come

Keerthana 07-Feb-2016 07:14:52
When will aadhar will come

Abhishek Roy 07-Feb-2016 06:34:52
Need to apply for adhar card online

Abhishek Roy 07-Feb-2016 06:32:04
Need to apply for adhar card online

naresh ravjibhai parmar 06-Feb-2016 23:20:47
my new aadharcard please resitrestion

vishwanath goud 06-Feb-2016 10:30:40

rekha mondal 05-Feb-2016 20:28:09
I want to get aadhaar card made my hometown is calcutta ranaghat. But I am working in gurgaon

Gakul das 05-Feb-2016 19:19:18
Mera adar card nehi bona..

Vishal Panjgotra 05-Feb-2016 03:56:33
I want aadhaar card

Amit kumar mishra 05-Feb-2016 02:47:42
please, i want apply my aadhar

supreeth.p 04-Feb-2016 08:06:17
i have lost my adhar card i need a new adhar card

GOSWAMI 04-Feb-2016 06:48:57

Hitendra Sharma 04-Feb-2016 02:14:12
I want apply Aadhar, Can u help me

Nayana Bhikhajirao Surve 04-Feb-2016 00:45:52
I need argently aadhar card can u send it to me. Date of Birth is 23/6/nnn3 address 6 Durga enclave vadsar Vadodara - nnnnnn

Nayana Bhikhajirao Surve 04-Feb-2016 00:44:17
I need argently aadhar card can u send it to me. Date of Birth is 23/6/nnn3 address 6 Durga enclave vadsar Vadodara - nnnnnn

Lata Menon 03-Feb-2016 23:34:38
If my residence address is Pune can I apply for aadhar card from Delhi?

Lalit nama 03-Feb-2016 06:11:53
I need aadhaar card but not get now

yogesh shejul 03-Feb-2016 02:27:45
I won't aadhar . missing

Mynudeen Zainullaudeen 02-Feb-2016 08:03:30
Dear Sir, I am native of Salem corporation and I am not able to visit home town in required time to get register for aadhar card. hence I request to get the same in Chennai. Kindly advise so that I can share more details. Thanks & REgards/ Mynudeen.Z

RAJU DUTTA 02-Feb-2016 06:39:40

Rupam Sikdar 02-Feb-2016 03:53:53
How to make aadhaar card?

manoj singh 01-Feb-2016 18:24:00

vinod 01-Feb-2016 12:06:39
Mere ko new adhar card nikalaneka hai chembur address batao

Ranjay sharma 31-Jan-2016 14:35:29
Abhi tak mera abgaar card nahi bana hai. Kushinagar

Dhirendr Thakur 31-Jan-2016 04:40:16

satyeswar maji 31-Jan-2016 02:34:42
centers adarcar

senthil kumar.T 30-Jan-2016 23:52:59
we want aadhaar card

Sanjay Santdasani 30-Jan-2016 23:03:50
Dear executive, I am NRI and want to apply for ADHAR card. I am not able to make visit India. Please be advised. Thank you S.Sant

isha agrawal 30-Jan-2016 15:21:05
how to make aahar card

sandeep baloriya 30-Jan-2016 02:55:54
please contact , i want to apply for adhar card

monu rastogi 29-Jan-2016 11:42:30
create my aadhar

raju 29-Jan-2016 03:45:35
Aadhar enroll

KONZUL YASMINE 29-Jan-2016 02:47:59
i want aadhaar card

BABLOO NEWAR 29-Jan-2016 01:26:57
Please complete my aadhar card registration process.

gupta anup 28-Jan-2016 14:18:15

Rajesh 28-Jan-2016 09:21:29
Need to apply aadhar card

chandra sekhar behera 28-Jan-2016 08:58:10
sir my name is chandra sekhar behera. from orissa.i am an work in chenai .so please sending mee the process of applying for adhar card .thanku

Rajagouda patil 28-Jan-2016 04:03:01
I need aadhar card to be applied , can i know the venue for apply near EC phase 1 -

Abdul Hakim 28-Jan-2016 01:13:23
Good news

Gautami 27-Jan-2016 17:36:28
I am currently living in U.S. Will be visiting India in July. Want to know if there are any aadhar card centers around Wadala, Mumbai so I can apply for it when I am in India.

ambika pandey 27-Jan-2016 02:54:05
I live in aakash nagar and want to make aadhar card

Sabyasachi Deb 26-Jan-2016 13:19:13
hii don't have an adhaar card i m from Assam Guwhati DOB is 09/07/nnn1

Bhawani Singh 26-Jan-2016 05:00:49
New addhaar card registered
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