AADHAAR Card Change Name / Surname Correction Online

If you recently got married that changed your name or if there are mistake(s) in the name, you can apply for AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change online as well as through post.
PLEASE NOTE: Having a mobile phone number is necessary to apply for name change / name correction / surname change online. The online update portal will send an OTP (One Time Pin) to your mobile phone number.

If you do not have access to a mobile phone number or if you wish to apply for name change / name correction / surname change through post click here: AADHAAR Card Changes via Post - Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date Of Birth.

Maximum 4 AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change requests are allowed.

For name change / name correction / surname change in AADHAAR card, a self attested Proof of Identity document is required. Clearly write your AADHAAR number on all document copies. Your name must be clearly written below the signatures/thumbprint when self attesting the Proof of Identity document. For children below five years, parent/guardian can fill and sign/provide thumbprint in the supporting document copies. For the list of accepted Proof of Identity documents to apply for AADHAAR card changes click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required for Changes.

You can apply for AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change online, by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to AADHAAR card Online Self Service Update Portal using your AADHAAR number
  2. Submit your AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change request online
  3. Upload supporting self attested Proof of Identity document (soft copy) for AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change online

You will be required to submit the AADHAAR card name change / name correction / surname change request in English as well as your local language. Once the name change / name correction / surname change request is submitted you will be given your AADHAAR card Update Request Number. Save this number to track name change / name correction / surname change request status check and future references. Your AADHAAR card change request information will be verified by UIDAI representative and upon successful validation, the changes will be reflected in your AADHAAR card and the same will be communicated to you.

You can track your change request update status here: Track AADHAAR card Update Request Status Check.

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Ramkishan Sharma 19-Aug-2016 07:22:31
My wife's dob is wrong in the aadhar card . How can I change it? . Same way at the time of aadhar card processing I was residing at rental house . I want to change the address in the aadhar card . How can I change it?

rajiv mandal 18-Aug-2016 23:50:57
sir plz change name RAJIV mandal

rajat dilip burbdakr 17-Aug-2016 04:04:41
name rong

Shiksha Bajaj 17-Aug-2016 03:34:31
I am Married My Name Is Shiksha Sharma after married my name is Shiksha Bajaj So pls requested that Change My Name Thanks Sir/mam

SMRUTI RANJAN SAHOO 17-Aug-2016 01:24:51
My middle name in regional oriya has been misspelled.Please correct ??????? as ?????.

Bijaya sahu 16-Aug-2016 13:51:50
Change my Mom Surname tulasi rajput to tulasi sahu

Bijaya sahu 16-Aug-2016 13:47:15
Change my Mom Surname

Bijaya sahu 16-Aug-2016 13:44:05
Change Surname

YESHA SINGH 12-Aug-2016 03:21:29

Shruti 11-Aug-2016 12:14:11
Sir, i applied for my 3month old son's aadhar card today . i want to change the surname online..so plz tell me how should i proceed. I donnt have his aadhar number yet.. but i want to correct this mistake soon if possible. Thank you

nikita 11-Aug-2016 04:26:31
addition of my surname and also father's surname

Jasbir Singh 09-Aug-2016 07:01:45
Dear Sir, My son aged 13 year and name on Birth certificate is Abhinav and in school Abhinav Saini. I want aadhaar card in the name of Abhinav Saini. Please tell me whether School ID card is a valid prof to get the aadhaar card in the name and style of Abhinav Saini. Regards, Jasbir Singh

VARSANI VIPUL KANJIBHAI 09-Aug-2016 05:20:42
surname change

balla kamala priya 07-Aug-2016 04:32:33

Gyanaranjan Behera 07-Aug-2016 01:08:40
My address change

ABDULKALAMAZAD 06-Aug-2016 06:50:31
change name

saketh 04-Aug-2016 10:26:16

Deepak tripathi 01-Aug-2016 06:16:37
Hi sir, I have to add my surname along with name in aadhar card as per my 10 th class marksheet. How much time will be taken to correct name and upload corrected aadhar card online. It is urgent.

SALIM 01-Aug-2016 05:18:35
regarding add my surname in adhar card unfortunately my surname missed in adhar card please add my surname in my ahar id

Thota Anjaneyulu 31-Jul-2016 13:14:40
My name change

kanta Shit 31-Jul-2016 13:09:23
i am married and my spouse title Mandi but i am willing to keep my surname 'Shit' as of pre marriage. Is it be allowed in aadhar card? please reply

amit saroj 30-Jul-2016 22:08:48
may name amit saroj vill- tarasana post kathiron dist varanasi

TAMANNA THAKUR 30-Jul-2016 10:39:43
change for surname

RAMPRASAD RAMRAJ 29-Jul-2016 09:47:30
I have to change my father's name in aadhaar card thru online

Srima Mondal 29-Jul-2016 06:35:53
Hi The spelling of my name is Srima Mondal which is wrongly written as Shrima Mondal. I have applied by post. Please do the necessities in my favour. Thanks Srima

Ram 29-Jul-2016 02:42:21
Sir i have just got married and i want to change my wifes surname n adresss of aadhar card how it is possible

Manmohan Dash 28-Jul-2016 23:45:03
i want to edit my surname. problem to get otp

puneet kumar upadhyay 28-Jul-2016 06:43:45
dear sir i am requested to you that i have find some problem in my adhar card . due to adhar card falt i do not complet ou any wory.then i am requested to please edit my adhar card adhar card no. nnnnnnnnnnnn adhar card deatlis name puneet kumar upadhyay father name mr. rewti raman upadhyay dob. 13-03-nnn8 these things are edit in my adhar card i am very nerbius due to this problem please correct my dear sir your ob. puneet kumar upadhyay

Pendem savitramma 28-Jul-2016 03:21:20
Name change

Vinni 26-Jul-2016 11:29:25
I want to change my surname after marriage. I think it is possible through online. But i have only marriage certificate with changed surname and in online portal it is asking marriage certificate with photo as photo identity proof, but generally marriage certificates are issued with out photo. So please guide me how to proceed

shivam 26-Jul-2016 07:53:23
date of birth change

DEBARPAN GHOSH 25-Jul-2016 05:41:52

Raamkriahan patiyala 25-Jul-2016 02:17:09
Plzzzz change surname and Robert Raamkrishan patel

s.vinothkumar 24-Jul-2016 10:51:59
Fathers name corretion

dilip kumar sethi 24-Jul-2016 02:41:04
my fathers name has been mentioned as PREN SUKH SETHI instead of PREM SUKH SETHI

saina khatun 23-Jul-2016 04:06:44
hi my is saina khatun my adhar card a name word missing from saima khatun and origenal name is saina khatun its my a problem

lilesh kumar 22-Jul-2016 05:24:08
phone no nnnnnnnnn7

Varman 20-Jul-2016 08:44:57
Sir, I have applied for Aadhar card very recently. The problem i notified is the spelling of my name in the enrollment ID card went wrong. So is there any possibilities to change or correct my name before receiving Aadhar card ?

Satish Pandey 20-Jul-2016 05:16:23
Name Change Before Satish Kumar Pandey & Now Create Satish Pandey & Change Date Of Birth 07/10/nnn1 Create 05/05/nnn5 Update Mo. Number nnnnnnnnn00 My aadhar Card Number is nnnnnnnnnnnn

MADHU BHUSHAN BAIDYA 19-Jul-2016 23:52:02
changes in residential address due to shiftin my own house from B/nnn koylanagar dhanbad to Manohar nagar,near kunj vihar,Sugiadih Dhanbad

MADHU BHUSHAN BAIDYA 19-Jul-2016 23:49:16
changes in residential address due to shiftin my own house

Sharmila P 19-Jul-2016 08:33:14
no comment

kanhaiya lal sharma 17-Jul-2016 02:38:22
my name speelling is wrong

KAILASH CHANDRA PARIDA 17-Jul-2016 00:36:34
My name is KAILASH CHANDRA PARIDA,But in Adhar card my name is printed as KAILASH PARIDA.How can i correct my name as KAILASH CHANDRA PARIDA

raja 16-Jul-2016 03:46:31
my adhar card correction name

Manoj B S 15-Jul-2016 16:07:25
There is a spelling mistake in father name in adhaar card, what is the procedure to be followed to get it corrected and what is the duration for the same.

Leena 15-Jul-2016 15:02:46
For change of name what documents are required.

Nilkantha Chatterjee 15-Jul-2016 11:02:48
my aadhar card no nnn1 nnn3 nnn8 my name is Nilkantha Chatterjee. but in the aadhar my name is shown as Nil Kantha Chatterjee. i want to correct my name only, not the number . for OTP number present mobilenumber is nnnnnnnnn2.. send OTP on nnnnnnnnn2 instead of nnnnnnnnn3

SHANTHI.K 15-Jul-2016 05:15:30
my father name change in aadhar card

Lakshmanan 15-Jul-2016 03:46:28
very usefull
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