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AADHAAR card contact details (UIDAI)

The UIDAI has set up a Contact Centre for the residents, registrars and enrollment agencies of India. All enrolling residents are given a printed acknowledgement form with a unique Enrollment Number. Residents can enquire about their enrollment status through any of the below communication channel of the contact centre.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI),
Planning Commission,
Government of India (GoI),
3rd Floor, Tower II, Jeevan Bharati Building,
Connaught Circus,
New Delhi - 110001.

  • Voice    - 1800-300-1947
  • Fax       - 080-2353 1947
  • Letters  - PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore - 560001
  • Email    - help@uidai.gov.in

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

Hardik Parekh 12-Jul-2016 01:01:48
I have lost my adhaar card and I dont remember my UID number. My phone number is nnnnnnnnn5

Anita Yadav 11-Jul-2016 12:13:13
I have not received my adhar card also applied 2 time anyone do the needful

Satyajit Roy 11-Jul-2016 10:53:00
Good evening, My father and mother had lost their AADHAAR Card tody as well as the enrollment slip. Mobile no and email id are not also registered. Plzz help to get them. Regards, Satyajit Roy

Aditya trivedi 11-Jul-2016 07:07:35
I was filled all necessary entries in the lost form but not get OTP and said we sent you a OTP in my reg8istered mobile no. after

mallikarjun 10-Jul-2016 17:08:26
How to change my mobile number in Aadhar card. Old was lost

Bhavesh Upadhyay 08-Jul-2016 12:04:24
Hi Sir, I have lost my acknowledgement slip, and I never received adhere card my mail. I had filled my mobile no and email id in form but Aadhar center people did not enterd those detail when they did entry in system. because of that I can not download the aadhar card online as there is cell phone not registered . Could you please let me know If there is any way I can get my aadhar information . Thanks Bhavesh

rajamselvi 08-Jul-2016 07:05:49
I have lost my aadhar card . And I don't have UID number also . I want duplicate aadhar card . My email Id rajimadhu1@gmail.com at the time of registration. And I ve changed my mobile number now . I have gone to the site of duplicate aadhar card . But I couldn't complete it . Captcha text is not working I don't know what's the problem regarding this . So pls help mi to get it soon

kamal kalita 08-Jul-2016 07:05:00
I want to apply adhar card at guwahati Assam. where should i apply?

Tapan Kumar Patra 06-Jul-2016 11:46:48
I have lost my mother aadhaar card and I don't remember UID number.That time I have no register any mobile no.or e-mail id. So how I find my mother aadhaar card no. in online computer. Plz give me solution in details. My mother name is Lakshmi Patra as voter card.State -West Bengal.

J. Saravanan 06-Jul-2016 09:27:27
Sir/Madam, I have enrolled for aadhar card on 28/11/nnn1 at IIT, Kharaghpur, when I was studying my Masters. When I check with EID it is showing Aadhar card process is complete and you can download. But I have forgot the contact number, the mail address and how my name was mentioned during enrollment at Kharaghpur. I tried all the combinations for my name, but it is not accepting. Kindly help as I could not download and take print out of the aadhar card. My EID: nnn0/nnn85/nnn52 28/11/nnn1 18:25:19

Raksha Thimmaiah M 06-Jul-2016 06:52:42
I have lost my Aadhar card. I just know the number and not other details. What do I have to do?

chetan mahajan 05-Jul-2016 06:30:35
i have not got adhar card. my present address is kolkata, west bengal. is there any nearby center where i can enroll myself. thanks.

Baiju Thomas 04-Jul-2016 13:09:13
sir , I have got my child"s adhar card missed , I went to the enroling agency and they could not help me .Iam sending the details of my child Name : Adarsh Baiju Date of birth:01/12/nnn9 PIN code:nnnnnn Name of father :Baiju Thomas i am looking forward for yourfavourable action

Naveen 04-Jul-2016 09:32:07
i have changed the address of my aadhar card and its successful..will i get the new copy of the aadhar card from post to my new residential address??

Jagdish Kachhi 04-Jul-2016 07:18:33
Sir i want to make adhar card of my wife she have voter id as proof of identity but it has name before marriage and proof of address i have ration card and her name is added in card and for proof of birth, birth certificate is available. So do this all document will be sufficient to apply for adhar card in the name of my wife after marriage.

Ashish Sarkar 04-Jul-2016 04:45:07
My mother, Mrs Jayashree Sarkar, of Vill & P. O. Parulia, P. S. : Purbasthali, Distt. : Burdwan, Pin - nnnnnn, 80 yrs old & my sister, Miss Rita Sarkar residing at same address, 62 yrs did not recvd. their Aadhar Card and lost enrollment slip, When I try to get online enrollment slip it is shown "RECORD NOT FOUND".

patel lilaben prahladbhai 03-Jul-2016 03:11:18
nnnnnnnnn3 nnnnnnnnn7

Nirmala H Ambiger 02-Jul-2016 07:44:42
Sir, My New EID is :nnn8/nnn01/nnn99 22/02/nnn6 10:48:58 status is This enrollment has been Rejected as duplicate please Do NOT RE _ENROL and use yours matching enrollment number displayed below to check your Aadhaar Status. In case matching enrollment number is not displayed below please call nnnnnnnnn47 for more details Duplicate EID is:nnn7/nnn62/nnn91 24/01/nnn4 16:24:24. is not geting plz how to get may Aadhar?

venkatesh 01-Jul-2016 08:48:45
sir my mother has Enrolment no but i search on that no to download adhar card no datas found pllz help us to download adhar card.

Narayan roy 29-Jun-2016 23:45:21
Mera nam Narayan Roy, pita Ka nam Panchu Roy hai mai nnn3 me adhar ke liye registration karayA tha abhi take adhar card nahi mila hair a our mai mobile no nhi nahi janta hun

aman 29-Jun-2016 05:10:59
Sir, I want to download my aadhar card but i have lost my registered mobile number somewhere..... What should i do to download it

Monika 28-Jun-2016 11:07:31

alok 28-Jun-2016 06:59:21
sir child enrolment stets check karne ka ka system hai

shreyansh 28-Jun-2016 05:51:28
I have lost my aadhar card and acknowledgement slip and i dont have any number registered but i have aadhar card number. How can i get aadhar card online

MUKUL KANTILAL MEHTA 28-Jun-2016 02:50:25

ABDUL RASHEED 27-Jun-2016 13:57:44
EID NO:nnn7/nnn86/nnn03/ 28/03/nnn3 12:42:04 PLEASE MY NAME SPELLING AND PIN CODE NUMBER

zaheer 27-Jun-2016 11:16:34
I have a adhar card number but lost enrolment number

kavithaguna 27-Jun-2016 07:28:56
As I have applied my son's aadhar card his enrollment number is given below:- nnn7/nnn28/nnn25 but we can't able get his aadhar card can u give me suggestion to get my son's aadhar card

jai bhagwan 26-Jun-2016 01:37:11
I savita have lost my aadhar slip & dont have registered mobile no. and e-mail id but know my enrolment no.nnn4/nnn75/nnn96 date & time 15/11/nnn4 11:24:29 but don't know right pin code and spellings of name how can i know these two things to download e-aadhar please suggest me. i have tried many pin codes of my residence & nearby but not able to know right pin code how can i know it please tell me so that i can download my e-aadhar.I have gone many enrolment center to know it but anyone couldn't help and suggest me what should i do. This enrolment has been Rejected as duplicate. Please DO NOT RE_ENROL and use your matching enrolment number displayed below to check your Aadhaar Status. In case matching enrolment number is not displayed below please call nnn0-nnn-nnn7 for more details. Your Duplicate EID :nnn4/nnn75/nnn96 15/11/nnn4 11:24:29

abhimanyu parida 25-Jun-2016 12:29:58
My Aadhar Card No is nnnnnnnnnnnn but I have lost my aadhar card Acknowledgement slip. How can I find my aadhaar Enrollment Number ?

Chintamani 25-Jun-2016 06:52:14
Hi, I am currently residing in USA. Is there any way to apply and receive AADHAR card in/from USA. I am indian Citizen. Thanks,

Ratan Singh Rawat 25-Jun-2016 05:37:21
Respected Sir/Mam i  was built in nnn2 on the base card has been lost due to slip, please guide me to give my explanation Please Provide My aadhaar card Ratan Singh Rawat Lig-nnn, Lumbini Parisar, ambedkar nagar , ratanrawat30@gmail.com Bhopal M.p. Thanks

s m zaki ahmad 25-Jun-2016 04:28:32
as per attachments , which is most suitable address proof document and why.

hemant 25-Jun-2016 02:27:48
how to apply new aadhar card center

Nitin Suryakant Kadam 24-Jun-2016 07:36:22
I was enrolled for Aadhaar card on 13/10/nnn1. Till date today, it is not received to me. After several time of call on Hepl line no nnn7 and mail, now my aadhar card is generated but not getting downloaded by e-Aadhaar service too. How is this service?

Sundar Rajabhau Vani 24-Jun-2016 05:00:59
I have lost my aadhar card how to download another copy pls suggest any option .my contact number is nnnnnnnnn9/nnnnnnnnn1

zaheer 24-Jun-2016 03:39:48
how to apply in online adhar card

zaheer munna 24-Jun-2016 03:32:04
I lost my adhar card and enrolment number .. how to get it ???

Rinku Prasad 23-Jun-2016 06:17:40
I lost my registered mobile no and acknowledgement slip and adhar card as well.I have adhar card xerox so i tried to download e-adhar card but unable.Please could you help me what should i do in such scenario.

Madhusoodhanan.pk 22-Jun-2016 12:01:20
from where we apply adhar card application nownnn my location trivandrum sreekaryam cell no nnnnnn

nandan kv 22-Jun-2016 04:54:21
lost adhar card

Rajendra kumar malkani 22-Jun-2016 02:58:06
Hello sir My enrolment no nnnnnnnnnnnn12 Date 14-10-nnn5 Time- 10-20-47 Area pin nnnnnn Odisha plz check my status

Ayushi baphana 22-Jun-2016 02:06:35
I was made my adhar card almost 3year (nnn2) ago but my enrollment receipt loss than again I apply for new adhar card but all new adhar card rejected so help me how can I get my first one adhar card because I dun hv any enrollment receipt

VANDANA SILORI 22-Jun-2016 01:41:44

MD Barkat Ali 21-Jun-2016 15:22:00
Resp Sir/Madam Today while coming from BSNL Office near Charminar in my city I lost my original AADHAR Card. Kindly send me details hoe to get the ORIGINAL AADHAR Card ( long size) as I recicived for the first time, because that card is only acceptable in most of the offices & departments, not the downloaded one from online (e aadhaar) Thanks & Rgards Md Barkat Ali Hyderabad nnnnnnnnn7

pankaj rajnath tiwari 21-Jun-2016 08:44:58
i want change my contact number in my adhar card i dont known which my old verifie my number in my adhar card

Harshit Kishor Ashar 21-Jun-2016 04:17:17
I have lost my aadhar card but I have UDIB no with me. While applying for duplicate they are asking for OTP in my registration mobile number but my mobile number is not register in system. Need help

akash deep narang 20-Jun-2016 13:00:20
i lost my aadhar card. i know the aadhar card number. but i dont have the same mobile number which i registered on that time. so how could i get duplicate aadhar card?

sanjay kumar 20-Jun-2016 07:59:21
my adhaar slip is lost and no mention adhaar slip mobileno & email id so heip me please

v p singh 20-Jun-2016 01:25:01
hello sir i have lost my aadhar card no. i make aadhar in nnn4 but not provide me this time pleas sir help me search my aadhar card no. & aadhar card
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