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AADHAAR Card Centers In Vasai West
PLEASE NOTE: Centers marked with      are most likely closed now
1St Floor, Fish & Bhaji Market, Dindayal Nagar, Manikpur
Vasai West, Thane, Maharashtra - 401201

Opened On 05-May-2013

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0 AADHAAR card centers in Vasai West city are still open
(kindly confirm before taking the appointment at the selected AADHAAR card center).
There has been total 1 AADHAAR card centers in Vasai West city,
1231 AADHAAR card centers in Thane district,
and 12333 AADHAAR card centers in Maharashtra state.

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dhananajay r gorakhana 26-Nov-2016 05:50:35
please help me to get addhar card if as data uploading failed.

Deepak Singh 28-Jul-2016 06:43:36
I want to take new Aadhar card

Sunil 18-Jul-2015 02:46:16
I want aadhar card registration plz help its urgent

Deepak Nair 16-Jan-2014 00:42:49
Applied for aadhaar card on 20th dec nnn2, aadhaar cardt recd yet checked status shows unavailable, what should be the next step.any current centres in vasai

Ganesh HridayShanker Yadav 13-Nov-2013 06:48:47
new aadhaar card

Jim D'souza 04-Nov-2013 09:13:44
Hello! i would like to change the image on my aadhaar card. it was taken after i was beaten up by a bunch of local goons. unfortunately due to the bias that the society has against me aadhaar card one took any action. everytime i see the picture it haunts me of the terrible ordeal that i went through. please help me.

Yvonne DSilva 14-Oct-2013 04:13:10
My name on card No.nnn3 nnn8 nnn7 is incorrect. Had requested for name to tally with my PAN card. Final card shows name with husband's name i.e. Yvonne Gabriel DSilva. Would like to have the name amended to read as YVONNE CELINE DSILVA. Thank you.

domnic.fernandes 24-Sep-2013 12:14:27
My brother-in-law canaadhar cardt see due to glaucoma in both the eyes and the center has rejected him, he does aadhaar cardt have voters ID or pan card but only his ration card & expired passport and the flat registration papers on his name how can he proceed, please advise/ Domnic

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