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AADHAAR Card Centers In Powai Iit
PLEASE NOTE: Centers marked with      are most likely closed now
Shri Gopal Sharma Memorial School, Powai Bihar Complex
Powai Iit, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400076
Closes On 30-Jun-2013
Opened On 10-Mar-2013

To download AADHAAR card application form online click here: AADHAAR Card Form.
After you have applied for AADHAAR card, you can check AADHAAR card status online here: AADHAAR Card Status.
Once your AADHAAR card is processed successfully that you can find out from the AADHAAR card status, you can get duplicate AADHAAR card download here: AADHAAR card download.
0 AADHAAR card centers in Powai Iit city are still open
(kindly confirm before taking the appointment at the selected AADHAAR card center).
There has been total 1 AADHAAR card centers in Powai Iit city,
1515 AADHAAR card centers in Mumbai district,
and 12333 AADHAAR card centers in Maharashtra state.

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P UMAPATHY 03-Aug-2016 06:12:50
Address of Aadhar centre at POWAI please. I want to get the address updated. Online correction does not work. I ve updated my address online Feb nnn6 but still it is showing old address

Vidya Radhakrishnan 07-Jul-2016 05:32:56
I would like to apply for my daughter's aadhar card which has become a compulsory doc to be submitted at her school. Request you to guide me with any centres near IIT Powai location

somya mehta 23-Jun-2016 05:55:32
i have been transferred fro Delhi to Mumbai. I want to changemy address in my aadhar card. What should I do?

Anju 16-Jun-2016 23:24:53
I stay at tunga village i want to know the nearest adhar card centers address please help me

Archana Sharda 09-Mar-2016 00:48:43
I stay at Hiranandani Gardens in Powai (Mumbai). Please let me know the address of the nearest centre for Aadhar application.

sushil 15-Jan-2016 01:44:07
I am staying at Chandivali. I want to apply for AADHAR. Please let me know any open centre near Chandivali.

Sanjay rastogi 27-Dec-2015 09:02:59
I need to apply for Aadhar card. Please let me know which is the nearest centre to Powai Hiranandani.

Sandhya Rani Narayan 28-Nov-2015 09:22:59
I stay at Powai. How do I apply for the Aadhar card?

Sriram 27-Jul-2015 20:34:49
1. The list of Asdhaar centres seems to list only closed ones. Are there any open in Mumbai? 2. Recommend update the site to list open centres only. 3. I stay near Saki Naka in Mumbai. Which is the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre?

Sibdas Bandyopadhyay 13-Jul-2015 11:08:38
Plz inform me about nearest Aadhar Card centre. My permanent residence is Kolkata, West Bengal and I don't have aadhar card. Thanks

Jayati Bandyopadhyay 13-Jul-2015 11:04:43
I am staying in iit powai presently for my studies. Plz inform me about nearest Aadhar Card centre. My permanent residence is Kolkata, West Bengal and I don't have aadhar card. Thanks

vikas 24-Jun-2015 01:43:24
I stay at powai, kindly let me know the enrolment centre address and number

TDK Sinha 03-Jun-2015 00:11:07
I need help to know as how & which place office, I should be in touch. Can application be filled in on-line without visiting to Adhar card issuing office?

vivek pawar 23-May-2015 01:34:01
Please telll me where is Aadhar Card Centre at Powai Mumbai

Hitesh 11-Apr-2015 12:51:55
I am staying in iit powai so plz inform me near any aadhar card centre. My wife don't have aadhar card. Thanks

Hitesh 11-Apr-2015 12:49:55
I am staying in iit powai so plz inform me near any aadhar card centre. My wife don't have aadhar card. Thanks

saurabh anjarlekar 14-Apr-2014 09:49:06
I need to know where i can go and apply for a new AAdhaar card. I live near chandivali Powai area. Can you please help me.

shashi megchiani 27-Feb-2014 00:24:52
I have applied for aadhaar card in Powai IT area in Maharashtra. I can aadhaar cardt excess to the card as I am residing In Middle East - Bahrain. I would like to aadhaar card how can I excess myself to get my aadhaar card

nazma 27-Jul-2013 03:11:53

Deepa Chandrasekhar 21-Jul-2013 23:47:50
Where is the closest aadhaar card facility in powai

Neeraj Saini 27-Jun-2013 04:12:27
pls help to get aadhaar card in powai

Ghanashyam jamuna patel 25-Jun-2013 13:13:29
Abhi tak mera aadhaar aaya nahi

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