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AADHAAR Card Centers In Connaught Place
PLEASE NOTE: Centers marked with      are most likely closed now
Aadhaar Kendra, Philips Building, Icici Bank Ltd. 9A, Inner Cercle Connaught Place New Delhi-01
Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi - 110001

Opened On 11-Oct-2013

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Once your AADHAAR card is processed successfully that you can find out from the AADHAAR card status, you can get duplicate AADHAAR card download here: AADHAAR card download.
0 AADHAAR card centers in Connaught Place city are still open
(kindly confirm before taking the appointment at the selected AADHAAR card center).
There has been total 1 AADHAAR card centers in Connaught Place city,
61 AADHAAR card centers in New Delhi district,
and 1811 AADHAAR card centers in Delhi state.

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DILMAYA SUBBA PALLA 20-Jun-2014 01:55:29
I called a Permanent AADHAAR CARD Centre in SIKKIM just now, I am in SIliguri, where all centres are closed in West Bengal, but I was told that they only do enrollment/photo for those living in Sikkim, when your instruction clearly states that one can enrol in any centre anywhere in India, kindly justify.

surya prakash 29-Mar-2014 05:18:36
i am resident of bihar .can i apply from new delhi

Dhruv Murari 04-Dec-2013 12:24:42
Book appointment

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