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Please note that you CAN NOT apply for AADHAAR card online. You can ONLY apply for an appointment date online, for select enrollment centers. To apply AADHAAR card, with / without online appointment, you have to physically go to the AADHAAR card enrollment center. To learn about AADHAAR card procedure click here: AADHAAR Card Registration Process.

Online appointment for AADHAAR card Enrollment has been started on a trial basis at selected Enrollment Centers. Please note that not all AADHAAR card centers have online appointment facility. If your locality is not listed in the online appointment application website, you will have to apply physically at any neary AADHAAR card center.
You can walkin to any nearby AADHAAR card center, without prior appointment to apply for AADHAAR card.

To book AADHAAR card appointment online click here: Appointment for AADHAAR Enrollment online.
To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.
To download AADHAAR card application form online click here: AADHAAR Card Application Form Download.
To know about the documents required to apply for AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required.

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Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
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R.B.niranjhan 11-Jul-2016 11:47:49
S/o. Baskaran ,d no 1/22-5,wahab. Nagar , kattiganapalli. , krishnagiri. , Tamil. Nadu. - nnnnnn

ripan chakraborty 11-Jul-2016 10:50:40
i want to make new aadhar card

Balakrishna Dash 11-Jul-2016 03:29:41
Applied for new Aadhar card. I want to online applied aadhar card

Rani Mishra 11-Jul-2016 00:41:02
i want to make my aadhar card

MONOJIT SARKAR 10-Jul-2016 11:02:28
I want to make aadhar card. My nearest aadhar card center where located....address: Garbeta,sandhipur,medinipur(w). nnnnnn.

Md saddam hussain 10-Jul-2016 01:12:57
I want to addahar cad

Biswajit Barman 10-Jul-2016 00:13:34
Biswajit Barman

Biswajit Barman 10-Jul-2016 00:11:10
Biswajit Barman

Ankit 09-Jul-2016 22:53:08

Satyam sinha 09-Jul-2016 11:13:28
New apply

Lamphing Langpen 09-Jul-2016 07:43:22
I want to know the online regitration aadhar card and aadhar card registration centers in East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

GOKULMANIKANDAN 09-Jul-2016 07:18:27
register for aadhar

Yogesh Patil 09-Jul-2016 05:37:21

PRABIR KUIMAR GHOSH 09-Jul-2016 02:19:11
I need Aadhar Card immediately. I am resident of Joynagar 1 Block, South 24 Parganas. Please inform where from it is to be obtained. It is the respnsibility of India Govt. to provide it to all citizens. Beyond it holding of LPG subsidy is meaningless and forceful. It is dictetorship attitude in this big democratic country. Earlier I applied for it but it has been rejected.

RANJAN SAHA 08-Jul-2016 11:39:59

NIGAMANANDA SAHOO 08-Jul-2016 04:01:25

Sukanta Biswas 07-Jul-2016 03:15:05

Raghu 07-Jul-2016 01:22:41
Adar card

Anurudh sharma 06-Jul-2016 15:07:07
Applied for new Aadhaar card

MADHUSUDHANAN.S 05-Jul-2016 02:22:01
I want apply aadhar card online. madhusudhanan

Mahadeb Kumar 05-Jul-2016 01:42:17
Requiest for Aadhar Card application

TEJASH HEBBALLI 04-Jul-2016 18:15:08
No comment

vipin kallamkote vishwanathan 04-Jul-2016 13:53:23
I want to take aadhar for . May I know were I should go and apply for it

Pandurang Devja Jatavth 04-Jul-2016 06:43:15
Aadhar card

vicky raj 04-Jul-2016 02:23:29
Comment We don't have AADHAAR CARD kindly provide uidai centre address so we can get enrollment for card

pappu 02-Jul-2016 20:46:12
mithanpura kathan mehsi east champaran bihar

ARCHANA BHOWMIK 02-Jul-2016 13:43:36
I have My AADHAAR Card with proper Nos. But there is a simple mistake in my name. It reads Archna Bhowmik in the card. I already sent offline correction form to the authority. Still there is no feedback from them. It is urgent to add my AADHAAR No. to my SBI Savings A/C. PLEASE do something as it is very Important.

Govind rangilal soni 02-Jul-2016 13:31:07
I appy a new aadhaar card in mumbai

lokesh 02-Jul-2016 13:09:04
Aknowlegment sheet missing

HEMA LATHA.J 02-Jul-2016 07:47:57
i need adhar card.. because i dont have any proofe

Dhiraj Kumar Singh 02-Jul-2016 02:13:27
dhiraj singh

Jogin ratilal chudasama 02-Jul-2016 00:55:14
I want aadhar kard for my bank account open

dinesh singh 01-Jul-2016 12:25:03
can not make myt aadhar card

RANJEETHA EKNATH 01-Jul-2016 09:01:32
need to apply fresh and i dont have any other document

Santosh kumar shial 30-Jun-2016 11:46:34
I am create a new aadhar card,...

Tarun 30-Jun-2016 07:50:16
this is good idea

prembiswakarma 30-Jun-2016 06:48:44
i want aadhar card plz

prema 29-Jun-2016 08:02:01
Can I apply aadhar card at the place of temporary residence with the proof of permanent residence at some other place

shoid 28-Jun-2016 13:41:47
how to apply aadhar card????

Smt.Chandra Kanta 28-Jun-2016 11:55:47
i am required aadhar card

Smt.Chandra Kanta 28-Jun-2016 11:55:45
i am required aadhar card

Mukesh sahj 28-Jun-2016 11:23:25
Very good

Pruthiraj Guin 28-Jun-2016 08:14:31
I want to issue a new AADHAAR details is. AT- gopalpur po- Prhathamakhandi dist- jajpur odisha nnnnnn

SANJAY KUMAR 28-Jun-2016 05:44:38
sanjay kumar/hariom

SANJAY KUMAR 28-Jun-2016 05:33:08
sanjay kumar/hariom

Varadaraji 28-Jun-2016 05:04:00
Now ao

Ummat laskar 28-Jun-2016 04:31:29
I won't adhar card

biswajit dalai 27-Jun-2016 06:37:58
i want adhar card.

SURESH KUMAR BARNWAL 27-Jun-2016 05:50:17
new adhar card

anjul nigam 27-Jun-2016 03:38:32
want to apply for aadhar card
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