AADHAAR Card Enrollment Acknowledgement Slip Lost

If you know your AADHAAR card enrollment details (enrollment number and date and time) that was given to you at the time of registration, you can download duplicate AADHAAR card copy online. The duplicate AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one. To download duplicate AADHAAR card copy online, click here: Download duplicate AADHAAR card copy online.

However there are a lot of people who are facing issues because they lost their AADHAAR Card and/or their enrollment acknowledgement slip. If you have also lost your AADHAAR Card enrollment acknowledgement slip and do not know the enrollment details, fortunately now there is an online system, where you can check the status from your name or other details. We have been watching the development in this area very closely and hence we have updated this page to let you know that the system is in place whereby residents can download duplicate AADHAAR card using their demographic information.

If you have lost your AADHAR card Enrollment ID and don't know your AADHAR number, you can get the AADHAR card by following these steps below:

  1. Go to https://resident.uidai.net.in/find-uid-eid
  2. Select appropriate option, "Aadhaar No (UID)" OR "Enrolment No (EID)", under "You want to receive your lost:"
  3. Enter your full name
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Enter your registered Mobile Number
  6. Enter the security code as displayed and click on "Get OTP" button
  7. One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  8. In the box below, enter the OTP you just received on your mobile and/or email address
  9. Click on "Verify OTP"
  10. Now you will receive a message on your mobile with your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id as you selected in Step 2 above
  11. Now go to https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  12. Select appropriate option, "Enrollment Id" OR "Aadhaar", under "I have:"
  13. Enter your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id, full name, Pin Code, security text and mobile number
  14. Click on "Get OTP"
  15. One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  16. Enter the OTP you just received on your mobile in the "Enter OTP" box and click on "Validate and Download"
  17. Now you have downloaded your e-Aadhar card. Enter your Pin Code as the password when you open the PDF document
  18. You now have your e-AADHAR card, which you can print out
If you wished to be notified when a system is available where by you can download AADHAAR card using name and other demographic information, leave your contact details (only valid email id in the email box, no phone no. please) in the "Comments" section below.

In the meantime if it's possible, contact your nearby AADHAAR card regional office regarding your lost enrollment slip. Bring all the documents you had submitted originally to the office. To contact nearby AADHAAR card regional office click here: AADHAAR Card Regional Office(s).

If there is no AADHAAR regional office nearby, contact the AADHAAR center where you had applied for AADHAAR card from. Bring all the documents you had submitted originally to the center. They may try to help you recover your enrollment details based on your demographic information. To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.

You can also send an Email about your loss of AADHAAR card enrollment acknowledgement slip to the AADHAAR card help desk. Your issue will be registered and forwarded to the concerned department. AADHAAR card department will revert back to you on receipt of the resolution of this known issue. To get UIDAI contact email address, click here: AADHAAR Card Contact Number, Email and Address.

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Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

Suhrid Prasanna Ghosh 30-Aug-2015 11:04:30
Please provide me my enrollment no. as I lost it. As well as I want to check my status.

Nagar mal saini 30-Aug-2015 08:54:58
my aadhar card and slip are lost

veerpratap 30-Aug-2015 06:34:29
Adhar check online dekhna

Aayushi Raj 29-Aug-2015 14:16:30
i lost my registration slip i have not any proof nor i mentioned any mobile number.pls send me the aadhar/EID number on my papa's mail ID,my date of birth is 12/12/nnn7 and add.is D/o Swapan Kumar Banerjee,Bhatta Road,Bhikhanpur,PS- Ishakchak Dist-Bhagalpur,Bihar-nnnnnn

shakuntla devi 29-Aug-2015 07:20:42
my adhar card is lost

Shalini Garg 29-Aug-2015 03:29:23
I've lost my aadhaar card as well as the enrollment slip. What is the way to get the AADHAR number now?

Ganesh Sapkal 29-Aug-2015 02:53:55
i have aadhar no. & enrollment no, date but i time is missing. how can i get the same.

israel mahendrakar 28-Aug-2015 13:05:49
I want aadhar card enrolment id, I lost my registration slip and I have given old number to aadhar, now its notwith me.

biplab mahata 28-Aug-2015 06:38:59
vll- chharirdoba ps-dabri po-raniband dis-bankura pin-nnnnnn mouja -chhayirdoba

Ambika Prasad 27-Aug-2015 14:05:31
Sir i have lost my enrollment slip.Now I am not able to get any information about my aadhar card.Please suggest me how to get my aadhar card.

Rishabh Atray 27-Aug-2015 12:55:08
Name=Krishna Kumar Address=West Karyanand Nagar ,Badi Pokhar , Purani Bazar, distt-Lakhisarai (Bihar).. Please send the aadhar card number as soon as possible...as I have lost my slips & when I enter the mobile number in the link ...it says it's a technical problem......please send it It's emergency

Ravinder Singh 27-Aug-2015 10:44:23
I have lost the aadhar card and the enrolnment slip as well. My aadhar card number is nnn9 nnn6 nnn4. The problem is that i don't remember the mobile number/E-mail provided at the time of enrolnment. Could you please help me in obtaining a duplicate copy of my aadhar card. Thank you in advance.

ekta 27-Aug-2015 03:52:10
Dear , i havent recibve my aadhar card & lost my slip also n not able to find my details in your database. please help.

Naresh kumar 27-Aug-2015 01:21:55
Lost aknowlegmnt slip..!! Pls revert as soon as possible. Name: Naresh kumar Mobile: nnnnnnnnn7 Mail: aryannnn4@gmail.com.

chandan kumar pandey 26-Aug-2015 06:51:18
I have lost my Enrollment slip so kindly find out my aadhar my DOB is 04-06-nnn1 Mob-nnnnnnnnn6, plz inform on nnnnnnnnn4.

mohanraj 26-Aug-2015 03:48:17
I want aadhaar card

Ramkumar 26-Aug-2015 03:23:29
I have lost my adhar card and enrollment no. How can get I duplicate adhar card

sujit kumar 25-Aug-2015 23:03:19
sir mera aadhar card kho gya hai mera aadhAr number mere pas hai mera mobile number registered nahi hai download kaise kare please help me

Awadhesh Kumar Bajpai 25-Aug-2015 13:20:25

Shaikh firdous shamim Ahamed 25-Aug-2015 12:19:34
My aadhar card slip is lost and I didn't get my aadhar card by post seens 3years so plz help us to find aadhar by online.

rushikesh ugale 25-Aug-2015 11:03:38

sumant kumar 25-Aug-2015 06:24:22
sumant kumar father; lalan singh, vill;saurudih po;khanethi ps; sonhan

Kambariya Hiren Karshanbhai 25-Aug-2015 04:01:54
Lost my adhar card and slip

vivek meravi 25-Aug-2015 01:05:45
i lost my enrollment card and i forgot my mobile no which i rejistared in rejistration time...

saif mulla 24-Aug-2015 08:36:55
i lost my enrolment slip ,I don't no date time correct please give me detail how to find out.

Saransh 24-Aug-2015 07:29:27
Very very helpful. Thanks

Sanchita Saha 24-Aug-2015 04:53:20
I have my enrolment no.nnn1/nnn41/nnn34....but the time not seen...and i don't get my adhar card ,, plz give me answer ..what am i do now??

SUBHASH RAMRAO KADAM 24-Aug-2015 04:06:00
my aadhar card is lost. my aadhar card number is nnnnnnnnnnnn, and enrollment No. nnn8/nnn11/nnn12, since i lost the enrollment slip i don't have the correct time of enrollment, pl help me in downloading the AADHAR CARD.

RAMESH MUDEPPGOL 15-Aug-2015 08:52:51
ok thanks

ramesh mudeppagol 15-Aug-2015 08:51:08
ok thanks

ramesh mudeppagol 15-Aug-2015 08:48:34
ok thanks

ramesh mudeppagol 15-Aug-2015 08:47:17

Surjeet Kumar Kushavaha 15-Aug-2015 05:18:28

nirmal krishna maharana 15-Aug-2015 03:05:43
lost my aadhar card

Ashok Saini 14-Aug-2015 23:52:01
aadhaar card downlode only name plz send me process

ANUJ MITTAL 14-Aug-2015 13:15:12
ok thanks

bhola pandey 14-Aug-2015 03:39:17
sir i have lost my enrollment slip now i also try above mention way but not getting then any other option to get the enrollment no

nishanth reddy 14-Aug-2015 02:31:24
my son card will nut come date of birth 30-08-nnn4 my door number 1/nnn my name is krishnareddy my mobile number nnnnnnnnn0

nihanthreddy 14-Aug-2015 02:28:33
my son aadar card will not come my door number 1/nnn my name is krishna reedy and my mobile number is nnnnnnnnn0

srikanth 13-Aug-2015 16:46:50
Sir I lost aadhar enrolment slip last year, so plz send me enrolled slip details to my email I'd.

sunita 13-Aug-2015 09:30:30
i have enrolled for aadhar card in my vill aadhar camp in April nnn5. but i have not received my ennoblement slip. and we have not received my aadhar card to till date. so pls help me for how to get received my aadhar details.

mrs, rupa hemant biyani 13-Aug-2015 08:14:24
i cant find my aadhar card enrolment acknowledgement slip please help me

Saphal Rastogi 13-Aug-2015 07:44:40
I had applied for Aadhar Card but lost my slip, Kindly help me to get my Aadhar card. Thanks ! Regards

RAKESH KUMAR 13-Aug-2015 07:14:30
my aadhar card lost

PRASANTA KUMAR TRIPATHY 13-Aug-2015 06:06:33
Till date I have not got my mother's enrolment no though other family members got the same 3 days after enrolment & now received the addhar card. The Date of enrolment was 13.04.nnn5 and all the formalities hae been completed on that day. The details of my mother is given below: Name: REBATI TRIPATHY DOB: 11.09.nnn1 B - 70, SECTOR - 7 ROURKELA DIST: SUNDERGARH ODISHA PIN NO: nnnnnn PLEASE HELP

Kundan sonone 13-Aug-2015 01:43:51
I have lost my aadhar card, card no. and enrollment no. or mo. no.also email .id so please help me. download my aadhar card. or right way for get aadhar card. Thanks

Sanjib Hutait 13-Aug-2015 00:54:27
I have lost my Aadhaar enrolment slip & forget enrolment number, also lost registered mobile number as well. How do I get my Aadhaar card ?

avinash singandupe 12-Aug-2015 10:40:43
Aadhar slip lost

R.Selvam 12-Aug-2015 07:11:09
I need my acknowledgement slip as a hardcopy and how to i get it online

Kanta sharma 12-Aug-2015 07:06:16
My name Is kanta Sharma, I am 60 years old I have lost my slip which was given by your employee when I gave all documents and thumb impression and all familiaritys . Please help me I am widow lady so help me I need Adhar card i have change my Mobile No. also. I gave all document Oct or Nov nnn1. Kanta sharma Wife of Late Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma address A nnn Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay Nagar, Sukhliya , Indore M. P. My Mobile no. nnnnnnnnn1
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