AADHAAR Card Download Duplicate Copy Online

If you have lost / misplaced your AADHAAR card OR if you have not yet received your AADHAAR card, but have already received the SMS confirmation that your AADHAAR card is processed successfully, you can download duplicate AADHAAR card copy online. The duplicate AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one, that is delivered to you by post. It will be accepted as a valid ID and residential proof wherever AADHAAR card is accepted.

For AADHAAR card download duplicate copy, you will require to have the details from the enrollment acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of registration. If you have lost the enrollment acknowledgement slip click here: AADHAAR card enrollment acknowledgement slip lost.

If you know your AADHAAR number and/or have the acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of registration, follow the instructions below to download AADHAAR card duplicate copy online.

Go to the e-AADHAAR online portal. Enter your registration details (Enrollment No. and Date time, Resident Name and Pincode) from the AADHAAR acknowledgement slip. Or if you know your AADHAAR Card number, select the "Aadhaar" radio button from "I have" option at the top. To access e-AADHAAR online portal click here: e-AADHAAR Portal.

Upon successful entry, you will be sent a high security OTP (One Time Pin) password SMS to your registered mobile phone, to download e-AADHAAR card. Once you enter the password, you will be presented with a page with a button to download AADHAAR card duplicate copy in PDF format. The PDF file is password protected for your safety. Your registered address pincode is the password to view the AADHAAR card PDF file content. You can now take printout (in color, if possible) of the PDF file and it can be used as your valid AADHAAR card proof.

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rajat sharma 15-Apr-2014 07:26:32
I was to create Aadhaar card in 18/9/nnn1,but this Aadhaar card are not arrive my home,so I request to send my Aadhaar card to my e-mail id.

Sayed Jalil 15-Apr-2014 05:50:54
I don't know what to say:

bakshish Singh 15-Apr-2014 04:43:41

nisha puri 15-Apr-2014 02:34:59
i forgot my adhar card please send me adhar card no

a an basavaraj 14-Apr-2014 07:06:16
plzzz send copy asap

Jaswinder 14-Apr-2014 04:58:23
I lost my enrollment slip how can i get my adaar card

vinod kumar jangid 14-Apr-2014 04:33:14
i lost my Adhara enrollment slip.i want to get my adhar number please help me

DATTARAM RAJAN MARGAJ 14-Apr-2014 01:14:07
i lost my son aadhar receipt kindly help to get duplicate receipt and procedure to download aadhar card Will appreciate if you could share his aadhard card/receipt on my email id at earliest

sadulsingh 13-Apr-2014 01:44:01
my adddher card

patatvivek 12-Apr-2014 23:03:18

Prakash 12-Apr-2014 11:39:40
I lost my aadhar card but I have the enrollment slip with me.

rajeev kumar 12-Apr-2014 11:27:28
My adhar card lost

sharda bharat shirke 12-Apr-2014 08:45:52
photo copy send my mail id

jijina 12-Apr-2014 04:56:41
i have lost my aadhar card.but i have the xerox copy of it.how can i get the duplicatte copy of it.

Pawan Kumar 12-Apr-2014 02:42:54
Lost my Enrollment Acknowledgement slip

shubhansh dubey 11-Apr-2014 14:20:29
my aadhaar card is lose....

rajesh kumar giri 11-Apr-2014 10:08:37
mera aadhaar card kho gaya hai. mera Enrollment no-nnn6/nnn17/nnn90 hai.aadhar no-nnn8 nnn2 nnn2 hai.

MONIKA 11-Apr-2014 01:43:02
i have lost my original aadhaar card so please issue my duplicate aadhaar card thanks a lot

aribam jiten sharma 10-Apr-2014 22:45:48
I have lost my aadhaar card at Bangalore airport

Padmalochan 10-Apr-2014 10:10:40
My aadhaar card i not get already 1 year finished how i wil get now

SONI sahil 10-Apr-2014 06:23:55

Mahesh Bhaskar Bramhankar 10-Apr-2014 05:53:35
Ple Reissue me my aadhaar card

Sadik musa shah 10-Apr-2014 03:34:43
wakad niphad wakad wakad nashik .maharashtra.nnn05

balwinder kaur 09-Apr-2014 11:54:48
need my duplicate aadhaar card copy

inderjit singh 09-Apr-2014 11:53:47
need my duplicate aadhaar card copy

gurdeep kaur 09-Apr-2014 11:52:31
need my duplicate aadhaar card copy

J Raja Rao 09-Apr-2014 02:12:39
Lost my Enrollment Acknowledgement slip

jyoti 09-Apr-2014 01:04:22
i got my lost card. Thank yu so much.

kandimalla suresh kumar 08-Apr-2014 11:38:09
Please send aadhaar card

FATHIMASHIRIN T 07-Apr-2014 14:26:25
lost my aadhaar slip

Mithilessh Harijan 07-Apr-2014 09:54:05
how to save my aadhjar card i cannot receive my eaadhar card

SHANKAR VEMULA 07-Apr-2014 07:56:00
need my duplicate AADHAAR copy ... asap...

lekhraj 07-Apr-2014 06:59:30
my enrollment acknowledgement slip lost

Asifulla 07-Apr-2014 06:03:36
Adhar card has been lost, I need a duplicate copy. aadhaar No : nnnnnnnnnnnn

sonu 07-Apr-2014 01:13:21
aadhar card

Gangadharayya veerayya Mathad 07-Apr-2014 00:25:05
i need duplicate aadhaar card

TEJ NARAYAN YADAV 06-Apr-2014 21:29:04

narendra 06-Apr-2014 03:45:03
this is second time applying aadhaar card but till now I am not received any information what is the system I don't no

bandipally bhavana 05-Apr-2014 11:05:22
i need duplicate aadhaar card

shweta kumari 05-Apr-2014 05:31:40

VINAY SHIRISH KOLHE 04-Apr-2014 11:43:10
Respected Official, My grand mother has enrolled for her aadhaar Card on 24.04.nnn3 with the following details: Enrolment No. nnn7/nnn23/nnn62 Date: 24/04/nnn3 Time: 12:38:08 Name: Shantabai Vitthal Kolhe Age: 70 Years Please let us know the status, or else, if we had applied for the same before, then the details of enrollment no. and other details in order to download it at our end. You have delayed a lot for replying. We are still waiting for your precious reply, Regards, -- Mr. Vinay Shirish Kolhe M.Sc (Agri.) (Contact: nnnnnnnnn4)

Peram.Nitish kumar reddy 04-Apr-2014 07:07:37
my aadhaar enroolid number send please urgent

karankumar 04-Apr-2014 04:26:59
i missed my aadhaar slip and i don't know date and time. now how to get the aadhaar card

Bhaisaheb hasimali 04-Apr-2014 03:04:36
adhar card yet not alloted

Bibhuti bhusan Behera 03-Apr-2014 10:53:17
I sri Bibhuti Bhusan Behera c/o pitaba Dakua (father) Basanti Behera At- Khamar Po- Barasahi Dist- Angul,Orissa, India downloded my aadhaar card.

md kareem 03-Apr-2014 07:14:23
i missed my aadhaar slip and i don't know date and time. now how to get the aadhaar card

Tai Satyavan Kshirsagar 03-Apr-2014 02:38:13
i lost my enrollment number acknowledgement copy.now i need my enroll no for downloading aadhaar.

Biplab Sinha 03-Apr-2014 02:06:57
Wheare to know my enrollment no?

Rashmi Sharma 02-Apr-2014 14:56:28
I have not received aadhaar card yet. First time I dit not get the slip and second time when I enrolled the sttaus shows my aadhaar card has generrated. How can I search without enrollment number. Please suggest

Vikash Srivastava 02-Apr-2014 06:01:36
aadhar card
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