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With the new system in place, AADHAAR card download is now just a mouse click away. You can now download duplicate copy of your AADHAAR card through UIDAI website online. If you have lost / misplaced your AADHAAR card OR if you have not yet received your AADHAAR card, but have already received the SMS confirmation that your AADHAAR card is processed successfully, you can download AADHAAR card duplicate copy online. The downloaded duplicate AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one, that is delivered to you by post. This downloaded AADHAAR Card will be accepted as a valid ID and residential proof wherever AADHAAR Card is accepted.

For AADHAAR card download duplicate copy, you will require to have the details from the enrollment acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of registration. If you have lost the enrollment acknowledgement slip click here: AADHAAR card enrollment acknowledgement slip lost.

Earlier, there was no system in place for AADHAAR card download by name. Finally we have a system in place whereby we can check AADHAAR card status by name and download AADHAAR card by name online if it's ready. For AADHAAR card download by name click here: AADHAAR card download by name.

If you know your AADHAAR number and/or have the acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of registration, follow the instructions below to download AADHAAR card duplicate copy online.

Go to the e-AADHAAR online portal. Enter your registration details (Enrollment No. and Date time, Resident Name and Pincode) from the AADHAAR acknowledgement slip. Or if you know your AADHAAR Card number, select the "Aadhaar" radio button from "I have" option at the top. To access e-AADHAAR online portal click here: e-AADHAAR Portal.

Upon successful entry, you will be sent a high security OTP (One Time Pin) password SMS to your registered mobile phone, to download e-AADHAAR card. Once you enter the password, you will be presented with a page with a button to download AADHAAR card duplicate copy in PDF format. The PDF file is password protected for your safety. Your registered address pincode is the password to view the AADHAAR card PDF file content. You can now take printout (in color, if possible) of the PDF file and it can be used as your valid AADHAAR card proof.

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jeeva 04-Jul-2015 08:44:26
i lost my original aadhar card.....so i need aadhar card

meena 04-Jul-2015 08:24:22
i have lost my adhar card

V.Ravi 04-Jul-2015 07:58:23
We need a original copy

V.Ravi 04-Jul-2015 07:56:43
We need a copy of original copy

Sarojani Muralidhar Paldewar 04-Jul-2015 07:34:47
My Adhar is Lost My Enrollment Slep is Lost My Mobile no. not Regestered My Adhar No is nnnnnnnnnnnn My MOb. is nnnnnnnnn7 Pls. Enrollment No, Date & Time Give me Pls.

Vishwambhar Dattatry More 04-Jul-2015 07:32:28
My Adhar is Lost My Enrollment Slep Is Lost My Mobile No. not Regestered My Adhar No. Is nnnnnnnnnnnn My Mob. No. nnnnnnnnn1 Pls. Enrollment No., Date & Time Give me

m krishnamoorhty 04-Jul-2015 07:26:24
Aadhar card missing

akash balu sable 04-Jul-2015 07:24:22
I loss my aadhar card i need a duplicate copy

Vinitha Stany 04-Jul-2015 06:31:47
Need copy of adhaar card

JUNAID MUHIYADDEEN K 04-Jul-2015 06:27:41
give me the date

Vinitha Stany 04-Jul-2015 06:25:38
Need copy of adhaar card

Hamdur Rahman 04-Jul-2015 05:03:13
I have received SMS for adhaar card but could not get till now. I several time go pro for the same. I observed that the Postal authority separated the card Muslim community and fuel down in their floor, some peoples are pick their card. I have doubt the authority of pro can destroy the card or some other peoples are pick my adhar card . What is the legal procedure take action against the postal authority.

shashikant gugale 04-Jul-2015 04:47:55
Sir, kindly arrange the my duplicate athar card please send

yellampalli.santhi 04-Jul-2015 04:35:04
New aadhar

s.Ganapathiraman 04-Jul-2015 03:54:20
Sir, kindly arrange the my duplicate athar card please send

banarsi das chhabalani 04-Jul-2015 03:34:55

summar bhadur 04-Jul-2015 03:30:31
adhar card

Rajshekhar 04-Jul-2015 03:20:59
i not getting OTP to my mail so please update to get otp to mail id..

Rupesh Dnyaneshwar Kalbende 04-Jul-2015 03:05:30
I want Aadhar Card.

labhshankar vadiya 04-Jul-2015 02:49:17
Duplicate adhar card

Vinod 04-Jul-2015 02:14:15
duplicate adhar card

garje rohini shahadev 04-Jul-2015 02:11:03
Duplicate aadhar card

Varsha Prakash Shigvan 04-Jul-2015 00:39:19
duplicate Aadhar Card

Varsha Prakash Shigvan 04-Jul-2015 00:37:30
duplicate copy Eaadhar Card

yellampalli.santhi 03-Jul-2015 23:54:33
I lost my aadhar

yellampalli.santhi 03-Jul-2015 23:54:31
I lost my aadhar

Gurmalkiat Singh Kahlon 03-Jul-2015 22:08:42

dinesh kumar 03-Jul-2015 21:24:29

Jerry 03-Jul-2015 15:31:12
I need to update my mobile number and get a duplicate copy, the place that authorised to make adhaar card are charging me nnn

pankaj jain 03-Jul-2015 14:58:14
my aadhaar cart

manoharan.g 03-Jul-2015 13:18:41

pradeep ojha 03-Jul-2015 13:04:16
aadhar download

vivekanand 03-Jul-2015 13:03:28
hi vivekanand nnnnnnnnn3

alabana ramu 03-Jul-2015 12:45:52

anil Agrawal 03-Jul-2015 11:56:12
I don't no enrollment no Near about nnn7/nnn65/nnn60 to70

Nimesh Singh 03-Jul-2015 11:24:23
Check my adhar card

Nikita R Parab 03-Jul-2015 11:23:32
My adhar card lost, I want duplicate copy of the same. I have adhar no. With me… plz help… ..!

salita kumari 03-Jul-2015 10:30:53
at-maholia po-maholia(supaul)

sachin chaubey 03-Jul-2015 10:06:30
duplicate copy

VARUN BHAT.P 03-Jul-2015 09:38:25
Varun Bhat.P ,Date of Birth 23.01.nnn5,S/O Vishweshwar.P

VARUN BHAT.P 03-Jul-2015 09:38:17
Varun Bhat.P ,Date of Birth 23.01.nnn5,S/O Vishweshwar.P

VARUN BHAT.P 03-Jul-2015 09:33:45
pls give varun bhat.p enrollment number & date

balamurugan 03-Jul-2015 09:24:57

saurabh raj verma 03-Jul-2015 08:59:39
i need aadhar card

ANKITA ANIL NEMANE 03-Jul-2015 07:51:11
Aadhaar card duplicate

Sumitra Kamath 03-Jul-2015 07:45:09
I lost my aadhar card slip. Also I have still not received my aadhar card copy by post. I require for opening bank account

R sankar 03-Jul-2015 07:06:07
Aadhaar duplicate

sendil kumar 03-Jul-2015 05:56:00

Manisha Dnyaneshwer Patil 03-Jul-2015 03:47:28
Pls sir send me aadhar card

Devkabai Laxman Patil 03-Jul-2015 03:46:04
Pls sir send me aadhar card
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