AADHAAR Card Changes Online - Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date of Birth

PLEASE NOTE: Having a mobile phone number is necessary to use the online update portal, as OTP (One Time Pin) will be sent to your mobile phone number. If you do not have access to a mobile phone number or if you wish to apply for changes through post click here: AADHAAR Card Changes via Post - Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date Of Birth.

Maximum 4 AADHAAR Card change requests are allowed.

You can change the following data in your AADHAAR card, using Online Self Service Update Portal:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth
For any other AADHAAR Card change requests, please visit any nearby AADHAAR card enrollment / update center. To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.

Depending upon the AADHAAR card change request, a self attested supporting document will need to be attached (uploaded).

  • To change Name in AADHAAR card a Proof of Identity document is required.
  • To change Address in AADHAAR card a Proof of Address document is required.
  • To change Date of Birth in AADHAAR card a Proof of Date of Birth document is required.
Your name must be clearly mentioned below the signatures/thumbprint when self attesting the documents. For children below five years, parent/guardian can fill and sign/provide thumbprint in the AADHAAR Card change request form and supporting document copies. For the list of accepted documents to apply for AADHAAR card changes click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required for Changes.

You can apply for AADHAAR card change data online, by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to AADHAAR card Online Self Service Update Portal using your AADHAAR number
  2. Submit your AADHAAR card data change request online
  3. Upload supporting self attested documents (soft copy) for the change of data online

You will be required to submit the AADHAAR card change request in English as well as your local language (except numeric values such as Date of Birth, which needs to be entered only in English). Once the change request is submitted you will be given your AADHAAR card Update Request Number. Save this number to track change request status check and future references. Your AADHAAR card change request information will be verified by UIDAI representative and upon successful validation, the changes will be reflected in your AADHAAR card and the same will be communicated to you.

You can track your change request update status here: Track AADHAAR card Update Request Status Check.

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

ajay rajendra Thoke 22-Nov-2015 07:44:08
Change mo no my new no is nnnnnnnnn3

Ayush 21-Nov-2015 09:33:44
Change my name and date of birth

ghanshyam mishra 20-Nov-2015 07:37:07
My wife aadhar No nnnnnnnnnnnn has no phone No. Now our address is changed. I have submitted my online request but I can't able to do for my wife. please suggest us online method of doing correction. We have all relevant document which is required for change.

Suresh 19-Nov-2015 21:24:58
Sir, I have aadhar card, I want edit my address. But I can't put mobile number on aadhar registered time. Plz give solution.

Suresh 19-Nov-2015 21:24:57
Sir, I have aadhar card, I want edit my address. But I can't put mobile number on aadhar registered time. Plz give solution.

sudheer kumar mourya 19-Nov-2015 02:49:38
Change date of birth. Including sir name. Change address too.

Saqaib Khan 19-Nov-2015 02:04:46
My Aadhaar card is not correct I have to change it

Mahendra 19-Nov-2015 00:22:29
Change my aadhar card register mobile number problem resolved please.

mabula shaik 18-Nov-2015 19:02:55
sir/madam, i want to change my house no. actual no. is 1-nnn but in aadhaar 1-nnn

Revathymala 18-Nov-2015 08:19:33
My daughter's name is incorrect. So I need to change it. Rakshna Sree A is incorrect. Rakshana Sri A is correct. Tamil name is also incorrect. Enrolment no. nnn0/nnn21/nnn49 Pls check it.

selvaraj 18-Nov-2015 03:50:36
my aadhar card full corection.mobile number is missing then how to corection ple tell .

K CHIRANJIVI 17-Nov-2015 07:31:43

Thomas N. Mathew 17-Nov-2015 00:59:36
Can I change my local language from Hindi to Gujarati in my Aadhaar Card? Please advise how?

PRAMOD 16-Nov-2015 11:00:15

Bhagirath kumar 16-Nov-2015 10:45:35
aadharcard sudharne ke liye

Mohit 15-Nov-2015 11:43:12
I want to change my aadhar card phone number plz help me

Nilesh Radheshyam yadav 14-Nov-2015 22:01:48
I want to change my adaar card address.what shall I do in this case?

Handley Bangari 14-Nov-2015 11:30:55
change in residence address

Ghulam ahmed 14-Nov-2015 09:07:46
No mobile number my Aadhar card

Durga Prasad Mahapatra 13-Nov-2015 09:23:36
I would like to change my address along with my family members. Kindly let me know the procedure. I have State Bank Passbook as proof of address.

raviteja narayan gudisha 13-Nov-2015 01:30:10
i have my adhar card and enrollment slip and my register mobile number then how acan i get my adhar card plz i need it very urjunt

SAURABH KUMAR 12-Nov-2015 09:01:07
Dir sir please add to my mobile number nnnnnnnnn2

mohd.zaheer alam 11-Nov-2015 22:24:23
I want to change my address

Priyanka rahate 10-Nov-2015 10:33:41
I have to change my address and contavt number, I had submitted contact numer but it has been out of service, how could I receive OTP ?

Najeem Jamadar 10-Nov-2015 05:22:46
My Aadhaar Card Are Not Received....

yogendra kumar 07-Nov-2015 03:39:07
Mera dob galat hai plz help me

Ashok Kumar 07-Nov-2015 00:58:08
I need to change my mobile no. Pls update the below no: nnnnnnnnn7

sunil kumar jaiswal 06-Nov-2015 23:43:37

sameer kumar sahoo 06-Nov-2015 04:17:48

Apiteshwara 06-Nov-2015 03:45:38
Hye sir... I WANT to change my name... My full name Apiteshwara shergill... But aadhar card name only Apiteshwara... Pls change.....

Sunil.saini 05-Nov-2015 21:15:17
Sir.date of birth change..,.,adharnnn5

simant shukla 05-Nov-2015 02:52:15
i want change my name so plz suggest me..ASAP

venkatesham cherala 04-Nov-2015 22:01:25
i want cahange my phone no and address

yagnik rajyaguru 03-Nov-2015 13:18:24
I want to change my name I have a aadhar card by my name but in aadhar card name is incorrect which document you need for change my name

khemraj choudhary 03-Nov-2015 10:56:25
I want to change my mobile number and address. Please advice me sir/madam

Sabina Vetrivel 03-Nov-2015 09:05:14
correction in gender and

RABIUL ISLAM 03-Nov-2015 02:02:43

Rajesh 03-Nov-2015 01:20:47
Change my address

K Perumal raja 03-Nov-2015 01:05:03
sir, i want change my address pls advice me

Sushant kumar sahu 02-Nov-2015 15:00:10
i want to change my mobile number for otp password so please help me and what is URN

Sushant kumar sahu 02-Nov-2015 14:59:27
i want to change my mobile number for otp password so please help me and what is URN

M.GANESH 02-Nov-2015 06:22:52
respected sir, sir i want to change my residantal address and mobile number please help me sir

gibin joy 02-Nov-2015 03:32:06
I want to change my photo

Avinash Bhanu 02-Nov-2015 02:09:56
Hi, I have enrolled for Aadhar card 2-3 days ago. After the enrolment I was told that the Aadhar card will be delivered at my given address which is in Rajasthan (Driver license copy for address proof). Now, I am working in Mumbai and there's nobody available at the given address to receive the card. What can I do about it. Please help Thanks in advance, Avinash Bhanu

sunder pal 02-Nov-2015 02:03:05
dear sir plz change my mobile no - nnnnnnnnn3, aadhaar no - nnnnnnnnnnnn

rajendra deshmukh 02-Nov-2015 00:46:41
sir my mobile number is my aadhaar card updet pls my mobile no:- nnnnnnnnn4 pls take my mobile number

chintu kumar 01-Nov-2015 05:17:03

bharat sharma 01-Nov-2015 00:58:54
I want to change my mobile number and address. Please advice me sir/madam

bharat sharma 01-Nov-2015 00:56:26
I want to change my mobile number. Please advice me sir/madam

Ayyar 31-Oct-2015 13:30:53
Change my name Ayyar /anbu
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