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hiten soneji 10-Jul-2014 14:33:47
is there any center still open for getting adharcard in rajkot...?in which area it is..?

mukesh yadav 10-Jul-2014 12:01:31
where is your centre in Indrapuram gazhibad

rajkumar 09-Jul-2014 03:12:50
good afternoon sir, madam, i have applied my adhar card in nirmal, adilabad which is in andhra pradesh now it is telagana. but i did not receive my adar card still and i do not my reference id no also . i need to previous adar card no. how do i get it sir , please help sir.

Bhavana Shah 08-Jul-2014 00:44:06
sir, Please notify me whenever the aadhar centre is opened at Mayur vihar -1 (EXTN) . I want to enroll for the same . Thank you

Aashutosh Taikar 07-Jul-2014 08:53:40
sir, Please notify me whenever the aadhar centre is opened at dombivili. thankyou.

Gaurav Emani 07-Jul-2014 04:06:18
Information on aadhar card registration centers.

ashraf.nalakath 07-Jul-2014 03:29:12
Hi, I would like to know the open adhar card center in malappuram district,kerala.

shailendrajesh Ram Tripathi 06-Jul-2014 14:01:26
31Jun- nnn4 17:53:00 Dear Sir I Want to make Addar Card

deepakrathi 06-Jul-2014 01:27:11

Firoz Ahmad Khan 05-Jul-2014 14:08:52
You are very happy person.

ahmed 05-Jul-2014 13:10:48
I want to make a adhar card

ahmed 05-Jul-2014 13:05:43
I want to make a adhar card in my location in vapi area.

Megha Dani 04-Jul-2014 17:49:45
I want to know when will aadhar card centre open in my area of Mumbai Santacruz west as i need to apply for aadhar

anuj kumar 04-Jul-2014 05:54:54

anuj kumar 04-Jul-2014 05:54:54

amardeep kumar 03-Jul-2014 08:38:55

v.manikandan 03-Jul-2014 07:00:25
in the privious list my family members names were not there , how can i in clude my family member.Though we were in the house at the time of taking poupulation cout knowing ly or un knowingly our name was left also nearly 50 members name in our village was not there

Tushar julious Dhir 03-Jul-2014 00:31:16
Please get me the location and contact details for nearest Adhar center near Hennur cross, Bangalore

Arvind Shah 03-Jul-2014 00:04:27
We, the residents of Dombivli, Dist: Thane, Maharashtra, wish to know where can we go to enroll for AADHAAR REGISTRATION. We, to the best of our knowledge, do not have any nearby centre. Pl reply.

Mayur Nahar 02-Jul-2014 09:27:39
I want to apply for aadhar card for my wife & my niece, i stay at bhayander (west) pin code nnnnnn. Please send me details of the nearby application centre.

nachim miah 02-Jul-2014 04:00:18
aadhar card

Sunil 02-Jul-2014 00:51:24
Pl let know the addresses of registration centres in Khichpur East Delhi. When do the registrations start in Khichripur East Delhi

Madhu Rajbansh 01-Jul-2014 08:38:17
Pl let know the addresses of registration centres in Agra. When do the registrations start in Agra

abhishek kumar singh 01-Jul-2014 02:32:13
Want to open aadhaar center in kaimur.pls give detail information about this.

Amar Singh 30-Jun-2014 07:43:41
no aadhar card center in avas vikas clony sikandra agra nnnnnn

anwar 29-Jun-2014 23:55:50
there is no aadhar centre at katihar

benudhar behera 28-Jun-2014 03:09:56
i want a to get it?

aditya kumar pathak 27-Jun-2014 10:33:13
barpar mafi torakhpur me kaun hai

syed mustafa ali 26-Jun-2014 12:08:43
i want to know the location for change of address in adhaar card in Hyderabad please let me know .

ram kumar 26-Jun-2014 04:44:35
As per your records at present there is no AADHAAR CARD center in Chennai. I request you please notify me as soon as you open any center in Chennai. Thanks

Ravi kumar 26-Jun-2014 02:08:54
i am looking for a job

Vipul Khandelwal 25-Jun-2014 07:24:35
I stay in Alwar(Rajasthan). Could you please let me know availability of Aadhar card center for the same location?

ghanshyam singh taram 24-Jun-2014 04:34:52
I need a aadhar card how to apply

RAMCHANDRA sAHOO 22-Jun-2014 12:19:40
when ever "Aadhar card" center will open in Kamru dist. (speciallly in Guwahati) please inform in my Email as given .

Arun kumar gope 22-Jun-2014 04:19:04

Shakuntla Sharma 19-Jun-2014 06:44:00
I am staying at Dilshad Garden, Delhi and I am Sr. Citizen, 80 yrs old. I want to apply for Adhar Card. Please provide me this facility.

Supriyo Pramanik 19-Jun-2014 02:10:35
I have received my AADHAAR card. Please let me know how I can register the same with NPR?

tripti bampal 19-Jun-2014 00:32:41
I live in secundetabad..I made my aadhar card ftom dehradun, uttarakhand.. I lost my aadhar card and I dont have its numbet.i have its enrollment number.Now I want to make a new aadhar card from secunderabad, andhra pradesh.please let me the procedure of this process and whom shpuld I contact.

saurav 18-Jun-2014 17:08:58
I want to know when adhar card are maked in bihar sharif area

Chandan Jain 18-Jun-2014 04:36:25
Let me know when adhar card centre opens in Tondairpet Chennai.

sabirahmed ismail Patel 17-Jun-2014 13:21:07
Let me know when aadhar centres open in bharuch district

JAMIL AHMED 17-Jun-2014 04:51:54
How can I apply online for adhar card for west bengal , kolkata How do I apply online Adhar card. As West Bengal Is not listed in web

neeraj shivhare 17-Jun-2014 04:44:38
I want make Andhra card for my self and my family

ashvini kumar 16-Jun-2014 11:09:25
I want make aadhar card for his wife Saroj kumari

Ganesh Dhas 14-Jun-2014 06:06:45
resistor adhar card

AJIJUR RAHAMAN 12-Jun-2014 23:37:04
aadha center

Lovejeet Lachumba 11-Jun-2014 23:47:17
Date birth change

PADMANAV REDDY 11-Jun-2014 00:22:37
When the AADHAAR centre is available in GANJAM district? Kindly inform.

Sr. Sangeeta Francis 09-Jun-2014 08:59:11
karunalay mission ANKLAV Anand, Gajarat- nnnnnn

rajeev kumar shukla 08-Jun-2014 02:42:48
we want make aadhar card my wife bavita shukla beta anshuraj shukla beti saisha shukla
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