AADHAR Card Status by Name

It can take about 3 months (90 days) to receive AADHAR card after you enroll at AADHAR card center. Please note: At the moment, there is no system in place to check AADHAR card status by name. We are watching the development in this area very closely.

We will update this page as soon as a system is in place whereby residents can check AADHAR card status by name. If you wished to be notified when a system is available where by you can check AADHAR card status by name and/or other demographic information, leave your contact details (only valid email id in the email box, no phone number please) and appropriate message in the "Comments" section below.

As of now, the only way to check your AADHAR card status online is with your acknowledgement enrollment slip details or by phone, through SMS. You can get more details about these options here: AADHAR Card Status.

If you have acknowledgement enrollment slip and the status shows as processed successfully, you can proceed with AADHAR card download duplicate copy. For AADHAR card download duplicate copy, click here: AADHAR Card Download Duplicate.

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

rina lawande 16-Apr-2014 13:33:51
adhar card

renukaiah 16-Apr-2014 05:29:55

Deepak Kumar 16-Apr-2014 01:37:05
i m deepak kumar from vasco goa

md samad ansari 15-Apr-2014 23:12:07
Hi I have lost my enrollment receipt. so please can anyone help me to get my adhar card.

shivraj babu gawandi 15-Apr-2014 21:22:11
sir, my aadhaar card form submit with all documents and complete all steps in nnn1 but due to some printing problems, i not get enrolment no and secod time i get enrolment no but thst status is rejected, sir please ,is their any way to get my first enrolment no, to take print my aadhaar card trough online date of birth 29 july nnn5 please replay as soon as possible thank you.

Naga kumari 15-Apr-2014 06:22:27
I enroll aadhar card before 3 months but i dont have any Aknowlegment i want my enroll ment number, Naga kumari, D/O S. isravel D.O.B 18/2/nnn4 No. 1 poovaiyar Street Senthamil nagar, pattabiram ,chennai-72

santu chakraborty 15-Apr-2014 06:19:04
pls send the aadhar card no

Naga kumari 15-Apr-2014 06:17:44
I enroll aadhar card before 3 months but i dont have any Aknowlegment i want my enroll ment number, Naga kumar, D/O S. isravel D.O.B 18/2/nnn4 No. 1 poovaiyar Street Senthamil nagar, pattabiram ,chennai-72

Samarpita Guha 14-Apr-2014 23:04:20
I have enrolled my name for Aadhaar card in late nnn3.But the status of my card is not known.please inform me the latest status.

Mohna Khan 14-Apr-2014 09:18:38
How to track online Adhaar Card if receipt is lost.

surendrakumar 14-Apr-2014 03:20:17
I have no enrolment no.

sonia anton budul 13-Apr-2014 13:58:22

Ajay Shanthkumar Waga 13-Apr-2014 10:12:58
Dear sir,i haw lost my adhar card andenrolment plzz send me a copy of my adhar DOB=26/11/nnn6

bonu satyaveni 13-Apr-2014 07:53:03
dear sir my address w/o srinuvas 1-nnn saati light city a block rajahmundry rural andhrapradesh nnnnnn my adhaar card enrolment id slips an accidental house is fair not a enrolment slips sir please issu sir adhaar card number me contact nnnnnnnnn4

magendran m 13-Apr-2014 04:29:31
not recipt of adhar card

ANAND KUMAR 12-Apr-2014 07:38:04
DOB : 10/07/nnn4 Father Name : Jagdish Prashad Home Town : Pilibhit (U.P) Please update me about my status of adher card on my mail id.

manmohan goutam 11-Apr-2014 07:39:38
My aadhaar card

Hamant 11-Apr-2014 02:33:04
My son SHIWANG ARYAN (nnn8/nnn57/nnn26) AADHAAR rejected as duplicate entry. So wants to know if it is issue what was the details so that I can get it. this only be possible if can be found by name.

Gopa Das 11-Apr-2014 01:20:39
Enrolment No-nnn1/nnn30/nnn70 Date-24/01/nnn4 16:23:25

Gopa Das 11-Apr-2014 01:15:12
enrolment No.nnn1/nnn30/nnn70 Date-24/01/nnn4 16:23:25

syed jameel pasha 10-Apr-2014 08:14:37
plese let me know the status of my aadhaar card

amith 09-Apr-2014 10:40:48
I was not given ackt card since printer was under repair. Kindly help me to find my aadhaar card status by name.

PAULINE SHARMILA 09-Apr-2014 10:35:34
I was not given ackt card since printer was under repair.. Photo taken. please help

FAKIR CHARAN SAHOO 09-Apr-2014 00:59:14
I have not received my uid card yet.pl. let me know the status.

Neeraj Verma 08-Apr-2014 10:37:09
I have lost my aadhaar card and enrollment slip too. Name : Neeraj Verma S/o Kamlesh Kumar Verma Add : House no. -nnn/14 C, J.N.U S.O. South West Delhi nnnnnn Enrolent Date was 08/06/nnn1 and time was Between 16:20 to 16:50 Please Help me to get my enrollment no.

DIMPAL 08-Apr-2014 06:20:00

KUMARAN 08-Apr-2014 05:54:45

PRIYESH KUMAR 08-Apr-2014 02:09:40
status of aadhaar card

PRIYSH KUMAR 08-Apr-2014 02:08:04
aadhar card

PRIYESH KUMAR 08-Apr-2014 02:06:48
aadhar card

sandesh dattaram modsing 08-Apr-2014 01:29:24
i forget a aadhaar card receipt.please help for found my aadhaar card number.

shaik jilani 07-Apr-2014 17:09:05
aadhar card

saurabh dubey 07-Apr-2014 15:48:04
i have lost my slip for my aadhaar card can you please help me.

suman singh 07-Apr-2014 14:09:08
i have lost my slip for my aadhaar card can you please help me

Preeti 07-Apr-2014 10:04:03
My aadhaar no. is lost so please give me my aadha no.

poonam 07-Apr-2014 09:27:53
my aadhaar number is lost please help me

shaenazirinswami 07-Apr-2014 09:03:15
status of aadhaar card

Rattan kaur 07-Apr-2014 04:37:01
Enrolment no.-nnn9/nnn99/nnn94 I rattan kaur applied for aadhaar card on 15/04/nnn3...time 16:39:15. But i havn't got any status update about it...nnnnnnnnn3

arun singh chauhan 05-Apr-2014 14:34:03
Name:- Arun Singh Chauhan Father's Name:- Suresh Singh Chauhan DOB:- 11-03-nnn9 Add:- Khalilpur Road C. B. Ganj Bareilly U.P.(West) Mobile No. nnnnnnnnn8(Delhi), nnnnnnnnn4(U.P.-West)

M.d.obaid 05-Apr-2014 11:21:27
this name of aadhaar card had made in east sikkim

bade mastan Shaik 05-Apr-2014 07:21:09
aadhar card

MANOJ VERMA 04-Apr-2014 15:48:36
aadhar card

Mukesh Kumar 04-Apr-2014 08:06:23
please send my aadhaar

Kottakota Nikhitha 04-Apr-2014 02:02:52
Dear aadhaar, I lost my aadhaar enrollment number(receipt). So kindly help me to get aadhaar by name. My Name Is: Kottakota Nikhitha Date of birth: 02/10/nnn0.

sanjit kumar 03-Apr-2014 07:01:40
Want to know status of my aadhaar card

yogesh soni 03-Apr-2014 04:57:38
my aadhaar card is lost please help us +91-nnnnnnnnn7

rajesh kumar 03-Apr-2014 02:00:54
I want change the address in my aadhaar card

munagavalasa appana 02-Apr-2014 20:57:52
check the aadhaar card status. Is it exist ?

CHINMAY CHAKRABORTY 02-Apr-2014 06:52:04
my aadhaar card status

Ajay Kumar 02-Apr-2014 06:10:36
How To Get My aadhaar card I have Lost my enrollment number
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