AADHAR Card Download Duplicate by Name

It can take about 3 months (90 days) to receive AADHAR card after you enroll at AADHAR card center. But if you have received the SMS confirmation that your AADHAR card is processed successfully, you can proceed with AADHAR card download duplicate copy online.

Please note: At the moment, there is no system in place for AADHAR card download by name. For AADHAR card download duplicate print, either AADHAR Card number or details from your AADHAR enrollment acknowledgement slip are required.

More and more people are facing issues, due to lost enrollment slips they are unable to get AADHAR card download duplicate copy. We are watching the development in this area very closely and we will update this page as soon as a system is in place whereby residents can perform AADHAR card download duplicate by name.

If you wished to be notified when a system is available where by you can perform AADHAR card download duplicate by name and/or other demographic information, leave your contact details (only valid email id in the email box, no phone number please) and appropriate message in the "Comments" section below.

If you have your AADHAR Card number or AADHAR acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of registration, click here: AADHAR card download duplicate.

If you have lost the enrollment acknowledgement slip click here: AADHAR card enrollment acknowledgement slip lost.

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Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

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RIFA T AHAMED 10-Jul-2014 16:29:36
lost enrollment slip

pallavi hanumantappa madivalar 10-Jul-2014 13:07:41

pallavi hanumantappa madivalar 10-Jul-2014 13:06:03

Geetanjali Rai 10-Jul-2014 01:58:58
I want to download aadhar card by name and/or other demographic information. I don't have enrollment slip, only i have confirmation message on my phone: nnnnnnnnn1 received on 07/04/nnn4

Geetanjali Rai 10-Jul-2014 01:29:21
how to get aadhar card by a phone message

VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA 09-Jul-2014 01:41:06
S/O. - RAM NARAYAN SHARMA. AT+P.O.- MAJHIGAMA. VIA - PINDARUCH. P.S- KEOTI DIST-DARBHANGA,BIHAR,nnnnnn MO. -nnnnnnnnn72,nnnnnnnnn54. AADHAR CARD NO. - nnnnnnnnnnnn ................................................................................................... I WANT TO UPDATE MY MOBILE NO AND PIN CODE. AND I WANT TO GET MY DUPLICATE AADHAR CARD.

VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA 09-Jul-2014 01:37:33
i want to get my duplicate aadhar card and update my mobile no. and pin no.

sunil kumar jakhar 08-Jul-2014 09:34:02
i dint get my aadhar card

pratik ganpat khairnr 08-Jul-2014 06:54:58
i have enrollment number and date but not exact time .so i original Aadhar card lost so please tell me how to getting duplicate copy of aadhar card

ARFAT ASHRAF KHAN 03-Jul-2014 04:12:37
i have lost my aadhaar card and all its information so need duplicate aadhaar card so please help me

BALBIR SINGH 30-Jun-2014 02:31:39
I want to Download aadhar card by name and/or other demographic information,.... Also i have changed my mobile number which i had registered for Adhaar, Please advise.. Thanks Kindly Notify

BALBIR SINGH 30-Jun-2014 02:30:23
I want to Download aadhar card by name and/or other demographic information,.... Also i have changed my mobile number which i had registered for Adhaar, Please advise.. Thanks Kindly Notify

Ram Kumar 30-Jun-2014 01:43:36
I have applied for aadhar card on 01.01.nnn4 before 10.00 am at Suwidha Centre, Mansa But I have lost my aadhar slip. please send me my aadhar number. Thanking you.

Sunny 30-Jun-2014 01:15:00
I want to Download aadhar card by name and/or other demographic information,.... Also i have changed my mobile number which i had registered for Adhaar, Please advise.. Thanks Kindly Notify

savita parshuram varande 29-Jun-2014 15:41:46
I lost my original aadhar card,so I want my aadhar card copy

nikhil prakashrao pete 29-Jun-2014 05:25:00
want online print

shadab 28-Jun-2014 15:58:17
aadhar card

Anjali chaudhary 27-Jun-2014 11:35:06
want to need my adhar copy

pratik vinod ingole 26-Jun-2014 01:35:32
I lost my original aadhar card

Kanwalpreet Singh 25-Jun-2014 00:20:40

ktvorkfr2 23-Jun-2014 19:11:42
aadhar card

iyjllmau0 23-Jun-2014 10:09:45
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piyush dwivedi 22-Jun-2014 04:33:42
my enrollment slip has been lost. so i could not get my adhar card no. please help me and give the suggestion how to get my enrollment no .

Riyaz Nagori 19-Jun-2014 12:35:08
i want my adhar card

anil kumar 17-Jun-2014 08:57:34
i have updated my aadhar card address online but i am unable to download the my aadhar card because system demand the time but in my acknowledgement only date is urn no and date is available. pls help.

sahab singh patel 16-Jun-2014 09:05:37
I lost my fathers aadhar card/

nilesh suresh angre 16-Jun-2014 02:06:17
adhar card

janagam raghu 13-Jun-2014 10:53:03
view aadhar card

sainser singh chauhan 11-Jun-2014 04:44:37
i have lost my enrollment slip.so i m not get my adhar card no. please help me and give the suggestion how to get my enrollment no .

kamla rani 10-Jun-2014 08:19:28
adhar card no.nnn8/nnn74

RANJIT SINGH 06-Jun-2014 01:32:58

Abhilasha Rajendra Kale 04-Jun-2014 09:40:46
I have lost my Original Aadhar card. I dont know its number. so please can you help me get a duplicate card or atleast my aadhar card number using my name?

rajesh 03-Jun-2014 01:45:37
Haddhi mil basni

ramachandruni nagasailaja 31-May-2014 04:47:48
want to konw the aadhar number

balveer kumar 30-May-2014 10:06:57
download aadhar card

vidhya 29-May-2014 02:47:53
lost my aadharcard

vijaya kumar pilaka 28-May-2014 01:17:01
i want my adhar card now

Prabhakar .d.Kulkarni 23-May-2014 00:30:52
sir please i want my adhar copy because to traveling

sajida siddiqua 19-May-2014 01:11:59
i need this very urgent

akhter 18-May-2014 08:14:28
aadhar card

Balaji renke 17-May-2014 13:50:14
please download my aadhar card no nnnnnnnnnnnn

bushra 15-May-2014 09:12:36
I want my aadhar card

sajida siddiqua 15-May-2014 01:35:57

Ashwini kulhare 14-May-2014 14:24:39
sir . my enrolment no. Or date and time bhul gaya hu mera rcpt ghum gaya hai. please halp me sir date of barth 10/07/nnn1 mob.nnnnnnnnn4

Ashman sahu 13-May-2014 11:55:08
pls make the development as early as possible

chaitalivijaypatel 05-May-2014 02:58:25
My aadharchard missplse

chaitalivijaypatel 05-May-2014 02:58:14
My aadharchard missplse

Anusaya Ankush Ghadi 03-May-2014 07:33:33
I have lost the receipt, and have applied prior 1.5 Year. I haven't received yet, please helpfor the same

archit gupta 02-May-2014 09:16:58
want a dubblicate adahar card online

morla.venkatesh 02-May-2014 04:16:40
very best
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