How to Apply for AADHAAR Card?

AADHAAR card procedure

How To Apply AADHAAR Card
AADHAAR Card Registraion Procedure:
  • AADHAAR card enrollment is free and voluntary for the residents of India.
  • You may apply for AADHAAR card at any location, anywhere in India.
  • How to apply for AADHAAR card online?
    • PLEASE NOTE: Not all AADHAAR card centers have online appointment registration facility.
    • To check if a center near you has online appointment facility click here: Apply for AADHAAR Card Appointment Online.
    • Once you have taken the online appointment, collect the required documents (see below) and go to the center with the documents at the assigned date and time.
  • How to apply for AADHAAR card at the center?
    • If an AADHAAR card center near your location DOES NOT have online appointment registration facility, you can walkin to any nearby AADHAAR card center, without prior appointment.
    • To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.
  • What documents are required to apply for AADHAAR card?
    • Generally 1 identity and 1 address proof document is required to apply for AADHAAR card. To know about the documents required to apply for AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required.
    • If someone in a family does not have valid documents, he/she can still enroll if his/her name exists in family entitlement document. In that case the Head of the Family in entitlement document needs to be enrolled first with valid Identity and Address proof document. The head of the household can then introduce other members in the family for enrollment.
    • If there are no documents available at all, resident may take the help of Introducers available at the enrollment centre. For further details please contact the concerned Registrar office.
  • Where do I get AADHAAR card application form?
    • You can get free AADHAAR card application form(s) at the AADHAAR card center itself, or you may choose to download it online.
    • It is advisable to download, print (and/or make xerox copies for other family members) and go to the AADHAAR card center with the already filled application form(s) to save time at the center.
    • To download AADHAAR card application form click here: AADHAAR Card Application Form Download.
    • You will be required to fill your personal details in the form.
  • At the AADHAAR card center your photo, finger-prints and iris scan will be taken as a part of the enrollment.
  • You can review the details you have provided and make corrections during enrollment itself.
  • You will get an acknowledgment slip with an temporary enrollment number and other details captured during enrollment.
  • Please store this acknowledgment slip at a safe place, as you will need the details on this slip when you want to print duplicate AADHAAR card online, in future.
  • Please enroll only once. Enrolling again will not get you any other/different AADHAAR number.
  • Your given information details will be verified centrally. On successful verification, you will first receive an SMS and/or email notification and later after a few days your AADHAAR number will be printed and sent to your address through post.
  • Once you receive the SMS / email confirmation and details about your AADHAAR number, you may easily print as many duplicate AADHAAR cards as you desire from here: e-AADHAAR
  • Usual processing time for AADHAAR card is 60 to 90 days. However it could take longer due to stringent verification process followed and also depending upon the backlog.
  • Incase there are any issues found for an application during verification, corrective actions are taken wherever possible, else a rejection letter asking the resident to re-enroll is dispatched through post.
  • India Post is entrusted with the responsibility of printing and delivery of AADHAAR letters. It may take 3 to 5 weeks to print and deliver AADHAAR letters to the residents.

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Kirti shantaram udeg 29-May-2015 13:45:05

ajinkya ramesh more 29-May-2015 02:35:06
adhar card aply

Rajeev kumar 29-May-2015 01:55:31
20/5/nnn5 13/11/20

Raj 27-May-2015 17:02:20
Do you have to be an indian citizen in order to apply for the aadhar card?

saroj kumar 25-May-2015 19:09:17
I wants to make adhar card of my families at patmohana 4no,post patmohna ,pin no nnnnnn

Bablu 25-May-2015 12:32:44
Aadhar card is very important proof

Atul Kale 25-May-2015 07:03:23
I am NRI, my address in India is in Pune. Normally I visit India in June to see my parents in Belgaum. Can I apply for Adhara card in Belgaum Center. My Passport bears all details, i.e. Address, DOB etc. do I have to present any other documents.

nishi sapra 24-May-2015 05:13:04
I have a adhar card already but which is the name of before marrige now I,m married how I can apply adhar card n how I change my sir name and address 23-May-2015 02:03:59
Can Any1 frm Home wants to open permanent Aadhar enroll centre is this possible ?? if yes than how?

hardik desai 23-May-2015 00:03:10

SADASHIV WAJE 22-May-2015 14:55:30
I want to aaply for aadhar card plz send me the address of aadhar enrolment centre in mumbai

Nisar ahamd 22-May-2015 12:47:53
I am in Saudi Arabia. I don't have aadhar card. How to issue my aadhar card?

vrushank jani 22-May-2015 04:56:43
What sort of documentation are required for aadhar card procedure..and we should take this aadhar card application form to the nearest center or they are gonna provide us the form..kindly reply.!

padhiyar devendra 22-May-2015 01:28:29
I want apply online adhar card tell me prosse 22-May-2015 01:17:26
aadhar kadari shivani aadhar number is nnnnnnnnnnnn not respand

madankumar 20-May-2015 23:45:06
i need to apply aadhaar card

madankumar 20-May-2015 23:44:15
i need to apply aadhaar card

Monika Deb 20-May-2015 07:13:51
i am leaving in kolkata i am doind a job, actually i am belong from arunachal is it possiable for me to apply aaddhar from kolkata..

dhananjay mohanta 18-May-2015 04:09:46
I'm trying to apply for Aadhaar card from Mumbai area bandra for west Bengal but my home town area code not showing pin number nnnnnn plz suggeste me

Dharmendra Singh 17-May-2015 14:53:17
apply aadhaar card

Satwinder Singh 15-May-2015 07:32:41
I want to apply Aadhar Card online. tole me the procedure. Thankss

J Hemalatha 15-May-2015 03:52:19
i didnt get aadhar card

JUKANTI SRAVANTHI 14-May-2015 11:32:37

nirmalya samanta 14-May-2015 09:57:53
I am residing in Kolkata but I have no address prof of Kolkata. my voter id card belong to ghatal, how can I get aadhar card at tangra (Kolkata). Recently I have purchased a flat at tangra(Kolkata).

kalsingh vasuniy 14-May-2015 09:39:59
plese my adhar card rajestar form

Prashant kumar 14-May-2015 08:24:59
Need to change the address in adhar kind..kindly confirm the procedure.

Rohini Gupta 13-May-2015 06:29:33
I want to apply aadhar card For my baby's

sahiba kaur 13-May-2015 04:56:42
Required Adhaar card urgently

avinash 11-May-2015 02:35:47

KRISIA SAHA 09-May-2015 10:45:44
Required Aadhar Card Urgently

RATNA SAHA 09-May-2015 10:45:03
Required Aadhar Card Urgently

KAUSHIK SAHA 09-May-2015 10:44:17
Required AAdhar Card Urgently

Manoj Kumar Patnaik 09-May-2015 03:54:59
Sir, I have not got the acknowledgement slip after enrollment.So I am unable to know the status of my aadhar card.Kindly help me .

Gopal datt 08-May-2015 06:10:45
adhaar card

gopal datt 08-May-2015 06:06:53

bunty 07-May-2015 02:40:07
Adhard card

vijesh kumar 06-May-2015 10:50:07
I need adhaar card

vijesh kumar 06-May-2015 10:35:33
vill.laxmipur-po.-batara nnnnnn distt.-surajpur cg

uma 06-May-2015 05:10:28
where can i get aadhar card done nearest to HSR layout, bangalore, karnataka

GUNJESH KUMAR 06-May-2015 03:04:10
most valuable identiyu.....

Anuj Jaiswal 06-May-2015 00:32:35

ARGHA DAS 05-May-2015 10:15:05
I want new aadhar card

NIPA (HALDER) DAS 05-May-2015 10:13:28
I want new aadhar card.

prabhat 03-May-2015 10:57:00
Aadhar card

S M HAYYAL 02-May-2015 09:47:01
I want aadhar card correspondence address

Basab Mitra 28-Apr-2015 03:43:38
I want to make AAdhar Card for Myself and my wife. I am residing in Barrackpore, Kolkata- nnnnnn.

Priyanka Chauhan 27-Apr-2015 02:36:17
Sir/Madam, I would like to have appointment for Aadhaar Card for myself and my husband Shri Gurpreet Singh. We are living in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Shall be grateful for appointment on Saturday/Sunday, i.e. 2nd/3rd May nnn5.

SH.devkishwor sharma 27-Apr-2015 00:21:08
Sir,I want aadhar card for my family members, please details my Email address.

syed arshad hussain 25-Apr-2015 10:55:26
I need adhar my DOB is 03/09/nnn7

ravikashyap 24-Apr-2015 10:53:47
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