How to Apply for AADHAAR Card?

AADHAAR card procedure

AADHAAR Card Registraion Procedure:
  • AADHAAR card enrollment is free and voluntary for the residents of India.
  • You may apply for AADHAAR card at any location, anywhere in India.
  • How to apply for AADHAAR card online?
    • PLEASE NOTE: Not all AADHAAR card centers have online appointment registration facility.
    • To check if a center near you has online appointment facility click here: Apply for AADHAAR Card Appointment Online.
    • Once you have taken the online appointment, collect the required documents (see below) and go to the center with the documents at the assigned date and time.
  • How to apply for AADHAAR card at the center?
    • If an AADHAAR card center near your location DOES NOT have online appointment registration facility, you can walkin to any nearby AADHAAR card center, without prior appointment.
    • To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.
  • What documents are required to apply for AADHAAR card?
    • Generally 1 identity and 1 address proof document is required to apply for AADHAAR card. To know about the documents required to apply for AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required.
    • If someone in a family does not have valid documents, he/she can still enroll if his/her name exists in family entitlement document. In that case the Head of the Family in entitlement document needs to be enrolled first with valid Identity and Address proof document. The head of the household can then introduce other members in the family for enrollment.
    • If there are no documents available at all, resident may take the help of Introducers available at the enrollment centre. For further details please contact the concerned Registrar office.
  • Where do I get AADHAAR card application form?
    • You can get free AADHAAR card application form(s) at the AADHAAR card center itself, or you may choose to download it online.
    • It is advisable to download, print (and/or make xerox copies for other family members) and go to the AADHAAR card center with the already filled application form(s) to save time at the center.
    • To download AADHAAR card application form and to learn how to fill AADHAAR Card form click here: AADHAAR Card Application Form Download.
  • At the AADHAAR card center your photo, finger-prints and iris scan will be taken as a part of the enrollment.
  • You can review the details you have provided and make corrections during enrollment itself.
  • You will get an acknowledgment slip with an temporary enrollment number and other details captured during enrollment.
  • Please store this acknowledgment slip at a safe place, as you will need the details on this slip when you want to print duplicate AADHAAR card online, in future.
  • Please enroll only once. Enrolling again will not get you any other/different AADHAAR number.
  • Your given information details will be verified centrally. On successful verification, you will first receive an SMS and/or email notification and later after a few days your AADHAAR number will be printed and sent to your address through post.
  • Once you receive the SMS / email confirmation and details about your AADHAAR number, you may easily print as many duplicate AADHAAR cards as you desire from here: e-AADHAAR
  • Usual processing time for AADHAAR card is 60 to 90 days. However it could take longer due to stringent verification process followed and also depending upon the backlog.
  • Incase there are any issues found for an application during verification, corrective actions are taken wherever possible, else a rejection letter asking the resident to re-enroll is dispatched through post.
  • India Post is entrusted with the responsibility of printing and delivery of AADHAAR letters. It may take 3 to 5 weeks to print and deliver AADHAAR letters to the residents.

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ARJUN KUMAR YADAV 31-Jan-2016 00:38:04

john meshack bandela 28-Jan-2016 07:39:45
Need aadhar card online

amit kumar 28-Jan-2016 07:35:39
i want to apply online aadhaar card

S SANKARANARAYANAN 27-Jan-2016 04:31:16
Please let me know the procedures to be followed to get AADHAR CARD online

MOHAN KUMAWAT 26-Jan-2016 13:15:53
New adhar center processor

chandru 24-Jan-2016 13:38:14
i want aadhaar

Gurumoorthi. A. 21-Jan-2016 03:16:23
How to get aadhaar card?

Ammadsattar 19-Jan-2016 00:51:45
My adhar card ishu yes& no

binod kumar 18-Jan-2016 07:23:30
Binod kumar 18/01/nnn6 sir l need to adhar card so please help me.

Nivedita 17-Jan-2016 03:54:38
I have already Adhaar card. But recently I got married.I have marriage certificate.I want Adhaar card with husband's name.can I get it?if yes,how?

karnpreet kaur 16-Jan-2016 15:52:45
sir karnpreet kaur mere wife he me es ka addrash change krvana he plz halp me

mamta 07-Jan-2016 04:09:04
Sir mera aadhaar card nhi aaya kya kru sir muje bhut jrurat thi please

perumal 06-Jan-2016 07:33:09
Am working in Qatar,now I came in India Tamil Nadu, can I apply my aadhaar card.

Fathima noorain 06-Jan-2016 01:08:11
Sir in aadhar card I want to include my husband name.instead of father.How can I do

Anil.D.Chheda 05-Jan-2016 05:30:45
Apply for New aadhar card Dahisar (East) Mumbai,Maharashtra

shreegirikumar 04-Jan-2016 04:25:40
Hello Sir, My father is paralyzed and bed ridden for 20 years. He is state govt pensioner, who needs to submit life certificate every year. I got to know pensioners can submit Digital life Cert for which Aadhar is a mandatory. Could you please let us know if there any special consideration for people like my father who can't go to Aadhar center?

Vijaylakshmi R 04-Jan-2016 02:31:21
Very important to public

Sandip 30-Dec-2015 06:51:24
Sir How to make my aadhar card??

VIkash Jain 29-Dec-2015 07:41:49
I have visited my nearest Adhaar center to apply for the same. The woman at counter said that come after 20 days. She said the Adhaar form that I have downloaded from your site is of no use. She will give form from the center after 20 days. I have asked for any appointment slip but she didn't provide any. Let me know if this is the right procedure. Center Details: S.No.12, Laxmi Nagar, Urdu School, Yerwada Pune City, Pune, Maharashtra - nnnnnn Permanent Center Opened On 31-Mar-nnn5 Tejas Vijay Gosavi nnnnnnnnn9

rabindra sinha 26-Dec-2015 04:34:56
no more comments

sidharth kumar 21-Dec-2015 14:13:22
i want new aadhar card

sidharth kumar 21-Dec-2015 14:13:20
i want new aadhar card

sidharth kumar 21-Dec-2015 14:13:17
i want new aadhar card

sidharth kumar 21-Dec-2015 14:13:14
i want new aadhar card

BAHARUL ISLAM 21-Dec-2015 12:31:05
I wanted to open a Aadhar card Enrollment center for at least with in 15 days to cover all the people who don't have aadhar card. Kindly send me the procedure to open a Center Thanking you BAHARUL ISLAM

pradeep pratap 03-Dec-2015 23:35:25
sir aadhar card kaise online apply kiya jaya

nidhi 01-Dec-2015 06:41:49
hello, I want to apply for aadhar card.I alrea have aadhar card i want to change my surname and address. Regards Nidhi

natwar lal 01-Dec-2015 00:46:33
I making aadhaar card

Md Reyaz Qureshi 29-Nov-2015 11:09:38
Application of adhar

Kishna Kumar Srivastava 28-Nov-2015 05:11:41
I Want to make Adhar card?

Hashir 26-Nov-2015 01:44:21

alok Kumar 25-Nov-2015 04:15:23
Aadhar card kaise banaye online please help

kabita tamang 24-Nov-2015 23:03:06
I want aadhaar card for my pension

nobi 24-Nov-2015 07:20:48
Sonitpur dist ma aadhaar card chaiya

kottanabharatkumar 23-Nov-2015 13:13:34
Aadhaar cord apply

Feroz ahmed 23-Nov-2015 08:38:55
I want adhar card

SHYAMAL DAS 23-Nov-2015 00:45:28

Madhusudhana p 19-Nov-2015 02:06:44
I wanted to open a Aadhar card Enrolment centre for atleast with in 15 days to cover all the people who don't have aadha card. Kindly send me the procedure to open a Centre Thanking you by madhu

murugaraj 14-Nov-2015 09:22:43
i want to aadhar card

Devendra kumar Ram 12-Nov-2015 09:19:22
Mujhe adhar card chahiye

RAMMILAN NAGAR 07-Nov-2015 01:55:12
please ragister adharcard

Rupini s 06-Nov-2015 05:36:39
I have a aadhar card in tamilnadu state but there is a some correction instead of female it is male gender as required plz do change this correctiom at present I don t have aadhar no

Ajay Kumar Singh 06-Nov-2015 03:27:11
make Addhar cards

vikash ranjan 30-Oct-2015 06:05:50
I want adhar

sahil 30-Oct-2015 04:45:58
i want aadharcard form donwload now so ?

Hasibul 25-Oct-2015 06:19:53
Mujhe adhar card ki bhaut jarurat hai

Ajmal Pasha 25-Oct-2015 02:58:57
Dear Sir, In my area Shampur Main Road, Bangalore there are so many people who doesnt have aadhar card for this purpose i have a shop in same area I wanted to open a Aadhar card Enrolment centre for atleast a week to cover all the people who don't have aadha card. Kindly send me the procedure to open a Centre Thanking you Ajmal Pasha

A. Ayyappan 24-Oct-2015 23:28:01
To get aadhaar card is it necessary to have my name in census list of residing district?

VASAVA RAKESHBHAI 24-Oct-2015 12:15:35

GYASI LAL 23-Oct-2015 11:22:59
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