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AADHAAR card contact details (UIDAI)

The UIDAI has set up a Contact Centre for the residents, registrars and enrollment agencies of India. All enrolling residents are given a printed acknowledgement form with a unique Enrollment Number. Residents can enquire about their enrollment status through any of the below communication channel of the contact centre.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI),
Planning Commission,
Government of India (GoI),
3rd Floor, Tower II, Jeevan Bharati Building,
Connaught Circus,
New Delhi - 110001.

  • Voice    - 1800-300-1947
  • Fax       - 080-2353 1947
  • Letters  - PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore - 560001
  • Email    - help@uidai.gov.in

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Please Note: It may take upto 48 hours for us to get back to you regarding your queries.
Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

Priyabrat Bishoyi 26-Jul-2015 19:37:36
I have lost my aadhar card also enrollment ment no how can I gat my aadhar card can any one suggest me..

MOHD Dilshad 26-Jul-2015 15:02:44
I Chang my address

Ruturajsinh baldevsinh zala 25-Jul-2015 23:26:15
I have lost my old mobile number (nnnnnnnnn6). I have to update my mobile number and change my name. But OTP send to old number. Please help me to change and update data. My current location is mundra, Kutchch.

BEULAH SELVIN 25-Jul-2015 11:01:40
My mother is not having the AADHAAR card enrollment acknowledgement slip . How to get the enrolement number and adhaar number without that slip?

K. prabakar 25-Jul-2015 06:24:54
I have lost the enrollment slip. Kindly assist me to get the Aadhar card, Please sir/madam.

nadimsha yakubsha diwan 25-Jul-2015 05:11:44

soumya B R 25-Jul-2015 00:48:24
AADHAAR Card not received by post yet... my aadhar card no is nnnnnnnnnnnn please check sir i have soft copy ,,,, i received soft copy before 1 year still am not get hard copy ,,,, i want to apply passport they asking hard copy, please reply me,,,,,

Rathnakaran M 24-Jul-2015 12:10:03
Dear sir my name is Rathnakaran M date of birth 30/06/nnn2 my mobile no nnnnnnnnn2 my aadhaar card is not yet received me . plz do the needful its request because I need it urgent only this much of details had

Behera Sagar 24-Jul-2015 09:49:18
Who is this

Behera Sagar 24-Jul-2015 09:47:39

Raju Kumar Singh 24-Jul-2015 08:04:58
Aadhar card of Nisha Singh not yet received. Please help.

anand subhash murudkar 24-Jul-2015 07:31:42
I have lost my aadhar card

Samuvel T 24-Jul-2015 04:19:33
my register mobile no.

Khandkar umesh vasant 24-Jul-2015 04:18:50
Adhar No- nnnnnnnnnnnn DOB 1/12/nnn4, PIN - nnnnnn Sir i lost my adhar card pl send enrolment no date and time at my email id or mob nnnnnnnnn7

Samuvel T 24-Jul-2015 04:18:33
my register mobile no.

vikesh tiwari 24-Jul-2015 03:03:53
adhar no.

amit patel 24-Jul-2015 02:46:01

SHIVA ANIL N 24-Jul-2015 02:31:04

Deepak Arsud 24-Jul-2015 02:22:14
i want to apply adhar card for my sister just suggest me the place in mumbai office .

RAJNISH KUMAR SINGH 23-Jul-2015 22:14:42
sir i want to change my date of birth because on my aadhar card my date of birth is wrong please help me .

KAJENDRAPRABU J 23-Jul-2015 07:10:25
I have lost my aadhar card and i am forget aadhar enrollment no.

Manoj Gupta 23-Jul-2015 06:55:12
I want get the address changed in Adhar card.Please,confirm the procedure.

asem Raghumani Singh 23-Jul-2015 04:45:26
I got EID no.nnn0/nnn05/nnn19 on 28/04/nnn5. 12:32:31.But my aadhaar is not received to me till now. How to get my aadhaar ? And what's problems ?

ANU 23-Jul-2015 03:24:11
i want to change Address on my AADHAAR card. I was residing in Chandigarh, now i have moved to Haryana. My new address is #nnn sector-26,Panchkula, Haryana-nnnnnn....Please call back Thanks Anu

K Anantha Raghavan 23-Jul-2015 03:11:08
I need to get AADHAR enrol for my family, pl let me know the details of AAdhar centers in chennai

BALMIKI KUMAR 22-Jul-2015 09:53:52
Sir My Aadhar No:nnnnnnnnnnnn, Please registered my Mobole No: nnnnnnnnn1 And Email Id: balmiki.nnn5@gmail.com

Rajendra Ramdas Jadhav 22-Jul-2015 06:20:28
Recit loss

TUSHAR KANTI MISRA 22-Jul-2015 02:08:16
Mobile No. nnnnnnnnn0 may be updated with my Adhar Card No.nnnnnnnnnnnn

BIKASH SAHA 21-Jul-2015 22:45:18
I'm an Indian Citizen, but currently living abroad. My home is in Kolkata. I will be coming to India for a week during Sep 1-9, nnn5. Is there any Aadhar card centre in Kolkata where I can go during this time to get my card done. I have tried many times earlier to visit my local centre, but every time they say, the card can be done only in specific dates of the year when they announce. In such a scenario, how can Indian citizen like us who stay abroad and visit after every few months can get their Aadhaar card done.

Ashlesha Divekar 21-Jul-2015 22:37:48
I have Aadhar Card but I want to change the address. My Aadhar Card is of say like of A location and now I am at B Location. Is it possible to change the address? Plz guide.

kundan sharan 21-Jul-2015 06:49:15
adhar card enrolment no. nnn0/nnn32/nnn50 dt03/07/nnn5

AJAY SINGH CHAUHAN 21-Jul-2015 03:32:42
I have lost my aadhar card and i am forget aadhar enrollment no.

Abhishek 21-Jul-2015 01:30:13
See adhar no

R.M.ROBBY RAJ 21-Jul-2015 00:36:56

Dharmraj Gurjar 20-Jul-2015 13:14:53
Aadhar status

monu 20-Jul-2015 12:54:11
where to complain regarding taking money for enrollment slip at adhar card centrwhere to complain regarding taking money for enrollment slip at adhar card centre

monu agrawal 20-Jul-2015 12:50:42
i want to add my email id to my adhar card than how to do it online

prakash Belchada 20-Jul-2015 08:18:30
i want to change my Address, what is procedure

Mr Swapnil Kulkarni 20-Jul-2015 04:48:26
Dear Sir , I Stay in Nashik and I need to Apply for Adhar Card for my 13 yrs Old Daughter as School need to Link Adhar card no . But We are unable to find Centers where We Can Apply , Also some Centers Which your have mention on this site nobody respond and Pick up Phone line , Secondly it is heard that in some centers You need to take Appointment at 05 Am and only 50 Appointments are Given , We are getting Harsh , Kindly Help us Out . Swapnil Kulkarni Nashik nnnnnnnnn3.

sarathkumar.B 20-Jul-2015 03:54:06
I am not receive athar card.my enrollment no is missing how to download a card

dipankar chatterjee 20-Jul-2015 01:26:38
I am residing at DUMDUM, Chatakol , Kolkata area for the last four years. I want to make my ADHAR CARD , but do not know the places nearby for Registration. Please Intimate me.

Srinivas Ramanna Shetty 19-Jul-2015 12:26:49
My name to be corrected from Srinivas Ramanna Shetti to Srinivas Ramanna Shetty and mobile number to be added

sanjiv 19-Jul-2015 09:07:13
dob as real dob -25-01-nnn0 adhar card in -01-01-nnn0

M C K Tamilselvan 19-Jul-2015 05:24:01
How to register email id in the aadhaar card.

Nitin Jamwal 18-Jul-2015 09:59:25
i cant find my aadhar card. i have lost my eid and my registered mobile number is also not working. please help. my details are nitin jamwal S/O Sh Narinder Singh Jamwal R/O Ramnagar, Udhampur-nnnnnn DOB 12/07/nnn9

Trideb 18-Jul-2015 05:14:27
When I did my aadhar card I didn't add my email in aadhar details. Now I want to add my email. What is the procedure?

suman 17-Jul-2015 23:41:52
sir we have last my aadhar card and aadhar slip but we know my aadhar number my aadhar number is nnnnnnnnnnnn so sir please give me urgent enrollment no and date time. district raebareli (up)

jagdeesh chand s/o Chetram 17-Jul-2015 13:15:17
I applied many months ago but could not get aadhaar till now.urgently required Village: jareela Post: bhawanpura Tahseel: rupwas Dist.: bharatpur

jagdeesh chand s/o chetram 17-Jul-2015 13:09:18
Could not get aadhaar till now

Mohit kumar 17-Jul-2015 12:36:19
I apply for aadhar card But i could not get even slip MY address Vill lalpur chauhan Post sultanpur dost Teh thakurdwara Dist moradabad State uttar pradesh Pin nnnnnn
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