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LIBA MAJHI 26-Jul-2015 15:04:36
I am from Santuri Block Dev. area of the District of Purulia, West Bengal. Please let me know , which is my nearest Adhar Centre ? I urgently need it to enroll myself and my wife.

PRADEEP KUMAR YADAV 26-Jul-2015 10:58:45
i am pardeep yadav give to aadhar card center

gita rani parida 26-Jul-2015 06:56:02
Search adhar no

gita rani parida 26-Jul-2015 06:54:28
Search adhar no

Sakshi Goswami 26-Jul-2015 04:04:44
I am staying at Sollana Society , Opp Mc Donald, Thergaon, Pune. Please advice me nearest Aadhar Card Centre.

santosh gopal pangre 26-Jul-2015 02:16:49
sbi adhar lik

Dr (Mrs) DIPTI KHAUND 25-Jul-2015 11:00:16
I am a retired associate professor and receiving pension since September nnn4. The concerned authority now communicated to to submit the Aadhar Card UID at the earliest. Kindly advice me whom to contact in GUWAHATI (Assam) & how do I get this no soon so that my regular pension is not discontinues due to non submission of Aadhar Card No UID. Add: 15 B Manik Nagar,R G B Road, Kamrup (Metro),Guwahati-nnnnnn .

Madan Mohan Pramanik 25-Jul-2015 10:28:36
I am searching for nearest ADHAR CARD enrollment center BEHALA ,KOlkata -61.

moumita biswas 25-Jul-2015 09:51:08
open aadhar card offices in kondapur

DR A M MOHANTY 25-Jul-2015 02:08:07
I have shifted to Bhubaneswar. Where in Bhubaneswar I can change adhar card address issued at Paradeep?

R.V.Srihari 24-Jul-2015 12:50:23
I would like to apply for AADHAR card & am residing in doraiswamy road,T.Nagar ( chennai).Please guide the office location. Thanks.

anand 24-Jul-2015 09:45:39
I want know the aadhaar enrollment center in tamil nadu trichy, siruganur location kindly reffer

ashish kumar pandey 24-Jul-2015 08:57:03

Budi bahadur subba 24-Jul-2015 02:38:19

Mohan R 24-Jul-2015 02:35:34
I want to enroll my childs name for Aadhar Card. We presently live in Avadi, Chennai. When should I approach for enrolling my childsname for aadhar? kindly furnish the address of the centre alongwith contact numbers. thank you with regards mohan

Raja manickam 23-Jul-2015 10:19:09

N Rajagopalan 23-Jul-2015 07:35:01
I have shifted from Hyderabad where I had enrolled for Aadhaar Card to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have no more interests in Hyderabad. I do not possess the Mobile Number registered in Hyderabad. I want to register my Chennai Mobile Number now. Where is the center in Chennai. Pl. inform me. If there is none, pl. inform me as to what should be done to register my mobile number.

Ashish kedia 23-Jul-2015 06:02:56
where is Adahar centre in Bangalore Whitefiled

Edna Gallyot 23-Jul-2015 03:13:32
Sir, I don't have an acknowledgement slip of my Aadhar card enrolment no. and I am at my wit's end. Since it has been last three years in nnn2. Should I take again Aadhar card enrolment. I need Aadhar card for my pension. Please help and oblige. Thanks & regards Edna Gallyot 35B C N Roy Road Tiljala Kolkata - nnn nnn West Bengal nnnnnnnnn6 (Mobile) nnn4-nnn1 (Res.) Date of Birth: 03-10-nnn3

TUSHAR KANTI MISRA 23-Jul-2015 02:32:58
Already made

J.GRACY 23-Jul-2015 02:25:58
i want to apply aadhar card i am residing in baraniputtur iyappanthangal chennai please advise where to apply provide me their office phone number and addres

baishali chatterjee 22-Jul-2015 09:06:15
I want to apply for aadhar card for my family members.i stay in kamalgazi ,near ramchandrapur south 24 parganas kolkata-nnnnnn

S.Soundararajan 22-Jul-2015 04:33:50
My sister has given her details three times so far ( Biometrics + photo etc.). 1. Detais not available. Year nnn1 2.Enrolement No:nnn3/nnn45/nnn21 Dated18/04/nnn3 3.Enrolement No: nnn7/nnn17/nnn08 Dated 09/04/nnn5 So far she has not got the Aadhar card. On checking with the Zonal office 10 at Arcot road kodambakkam, they are asking us to get the photo session done again. It is herculian task to stand in the line for 4 to 5 hours for a senior citizen 74 years old. She has done 3 times so far. What is the problem? why are we asked to do it again? Our address is 21/6 Jagadeeswar street. T.Nagar. Chennai nnnnnn. Our Div -nnn, Block No.nnn9 Family No.nnn. Can you suggest the nearest place where we can take the photo etc.So that we will try again. Thanking you soundararajan

K.Sivaprakasa Narayanan 22-Jul-2015 03:23:26
Aadhar card photoshoot centre in salem

Gopal Chatterjee 21-Jul-2015 10:08:35
I am staying at Baghajatin, Jadavpur area.Which one will be nearest centre for enrolment for my mother.

Anand 21-Jul-2015 07:45:03
i would like to know the Aadhaar enrollment centres in bangalore koramangala location kindly refer. Anand nnnnnnnnn5

Dhinakaran 21-Jul-2015 06:42:01
my native is trichy and i have ration card verifying my address but i'm currently working in chennai. Can i apply for Aadhaar Card in Chennai itself or do i have to go to Trichy to apply ?? Please help me.

Cherishia Pande 21-Jul-2015 05:39:48
Please let me know how to get a new Adhar card. I would like to go to any centre between Bandra to Malad

hanmant bhingole 21-Jul-2015 03:22:56
I want to take new adharkard I am from Maharashtra pune

Nabanita Sen 21-Jul-2015 02:55:09
I am currently staying in Aundh, Pune. Please advice me on the relevant nearest Aadhard card issue centre. I tried searching one by myself, but seems all centres are closed now as they are marked in red. It would be kind of you all to provide me with a centre name and number in Pune. Thanks, Nabanita Sen

KARIMULLA .A 21-Jul-2015 01:38:07
i want to apply one new AADHAR CARD .

lavanya 21-Jul-2015 01:29:12
i want to take aadhar card i am from chennai

sachin chawla 20-Jul-2015 22:45:25

meara devi 20-Jul-2015 10:10:56
aadhar car nahi mila or online print nahi kar sakta hu kyo ki enrollment khogaya hai dusari bar banwaya to all ready ban chuka hai ye msg mila to ghushe me ushe phar diya ab koi uppay ho to help me

Raj Sawant 20-Jul-2015 06:38:01
I stay in Mahim,Mumbai Could you give me the address of the nearest center

Biswajit samantaray 20-Jul-2015 05:52:54
I am from Munnekollal,Marathalli, Bangalore. I want to register to get AADHAAR card. Where should i apply & also provide the address of nearest center. Please help.

JONATHAN BIZIRA 20-Jul-2015 05:33:43

ranjeet kumar 20-Jul-2015 03:49:31
I am from patna ,Bihar. I want to register to get AADHAAR card. Where should i apply & also provide the address of nearest center. Please help.

jatin 19-Jul-2015 12:16:12
aadhar card center apllay karna hai

kamal Kumar gurung 19-Jul-2015 11:39:24
Sir, Iam from jungle mahal,Salugara...serving in army I wanna make my Aadhar card so please advice me where and how could I do this....thanking you sir.

M.P.SAHABDEEN 19-Jul-2015 11:38:22
i applied on 23/01/nnn5 but not ye received

M.P.SAHABDEEN 19-Jul-2015 11:35:39
i applied on 23/01/nnn5 but not ye received

V.Thilaka 19-Jul-2015 10:21:17
I am living in Nangavalli, I wan to apply for Aadhar card centre in my village. Please inform to me how to apply for the details about Aadhar card centre.

Anil Kumar 19-Jul-2015 08:05:57

Baharul Islam 19-Jul-2015 05:00:17
I am from Morigaon, Assam. I want to register to get AADHAAR card. Where should i apply & also provide the address of nearest center. Please help.

Mukesh 19-Jul-2015 01:23:57
Hi, where is the center for enrolling Aadhar. My permentant residence is in Choolai, Chennai - nnnnnn

ARUNABHA BISWAS 18-Jul-2015 23:40:30
I applied for AADHAR CARD through Kolkata Municipal Corporation vide Acknowledgement Slip No.nnn0 nnn2 srl no. nnn ( as printed in NPR Schedule) dt. 6.8.nnn3. but I have not been photographed . finger printed etc. Kindly let me know how to proceed for Aadhar Card. My address is at Jodhpur Park, Ward No. 93, kolkata nnnnnn My email : arunabha.biswas@yahoo.com Thanking you, Yours truly Arunabha Biswas

balbir kumar 18-Jul-2015 05:38:23

Vaishali K Thakor 18-Jul-2015 01:08:27
aadhar card registration

vanitha 17-Jul-2015 12:38:24
i am purasawalkam pls adhar card center
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