AADHAAR Card Form Download

AADHAAR card form is absolutely free. There are no charges for the AADHAAR card form. You can get the AADHAAR card form at the center itself, or you may download the AADHAAR card form online. You may download the AADHAAR card form by clicking on the link below.

Although you can get the AADHAAR card form at the center as well, you may download and fill the AADHAAR card form beforehand to save time at the center. To download AADHAAR card form online, click here. If you want AADHAAR card form in your local language, select appropriate option from the top menu under "Form".

AADHAAR card enrollment is free and voluntary for the residents of India. Correction within 96 hours of enrollment is also free.

At some selected AADHAAR card Enrollment Centers, online appointment is now available. To check if a center near you has online appointment facility click here: Apply for AADHAAR Card Appointment Online. If an AADHAAR card center near your location DOES NOT have online appointment registration facility, you can walkin to any nearby AADHAAR card center, without prior appointment.

AADHAAR Card Application Form
To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.
To know about the documents required to apply for AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required.

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Answers to most of the queries can be found on its relevant information page.
In such cases we will simply move your queries to that relevant page and inform you about the same through email.
If you still have questions after your query was moved to answer page, please feel free to ask specific question(s).

Nagajan Karavadra 25-Jul-2015 05:05:38
sen my aadharcard

PRAKASH 25-Jul-2015 03:06:28
i want new adhar card pls suggest online application

rabindra mahakud 25-Jul-2015 02:03:34
Viil.kalho roida Po. Bhuyan roida Blok. Joda

Dattatraya Goma Patil 24-Jul-2015 12:09:13
I lost my aadhar card so i want duplicate copy

adhar application form

Nageshwar mandal 23-Jul-2015 12:05:02

Nageshwar mandal 23-Jul-2015 12:05:02

Vishal verma 23-Jul-2015 02:57:15
adhar card

Dinkar baban pawar 23-Jul-2015 02:48:58
My adhar card print

murari dubey 23-Jul-2015 02:03:35
application form

prasanta swain 22-Jul-2015 14:48:57
plzz call me sar/mad my mob nonnnnnnnnn7

Ganga raju Srikakulapu 21-Jul-2015 14:00:21
please sir I want Aadhar card online

Ritesh Ranjan jha 21-Jul-2015 05:19:13
Helo i am resident of Bihar but currently I am living here in paharganj new dehi. I want to make my aadhar card from Delhi.Is it possible?If possible tell me the nearest centre where I have to go?

Ankit Raj 20-Jul-2015 01:56:37
Helo i am resident of Bihar but currently I am living here in Shadikham pur west patel nagar new dehi. I want to make my aadhar card from Delhi.Is it possible?If possible tell me the nearest centre where I have to go?

Pravansh 19-Jul-2015 03:15:05
Addar card

Nageshwar mandal 19-Jul-2015 01:44:55

pratap chavan 18-Jul-2015 23:59:22
sir mai ek aadhar enrollment enjency ka opretor hu mera user id besimhnnn7y15 hai mere pass ek aisa problem aaya hai ki ek aadmi bol nahi sakta usne do bar aadhar card nikala hai maine uska purana aadhar nikala hai par uski pdf file password mang rahi par uska pin code muze patta nahi hai mai aapko uske new enrollment number deta hu nnn7/nnn30/nnn29 our time date hai 08/04/nnn5 15;03;34 aur purana enrollment number hai jo ki genreted hogaya hai wah number hainnn7/nnn43/nnn89 30/08/nnn2 14:44:23, nnn7/nnn43/nnn89 30/08/nnn2 14:44:23 aap us bejuba ki madat karoge to aapko aachha lagega jai hind

shivnath jha 18-Jul-2015 07:11:57
application form

Dr. Musaib Mushtaq 18-Jul-2015 04:54:56
I want to apply for aadhar card

ayyanar g 17-Jul-2015 23:50:04
new aadher card

Jitendra Kumar Jha 17-Jul-2015 02:52:43
Please make my aadhaar card

YASMEENA AKHTER 16-Jul-2015 02:52:19
i married in Merjanporan Nawakadal . The adar team who visit at the said place for making adar card However communicated me that i am not enlisted in the list. what should i do ? i submit form as well but nothing had been done so for

jyoti choudhary 15-Jul-2015 11:05:33
I need to correct the name for my sister. She is 20 years old. Please guide me.

ashok swaminathan 15-Jul-2015 07:16:36
i want to enroll Aadhar card for my 5 yr son. do you know of any centre in Mulund west?

nikita shinde 14-Jul-2015 09:09:12
i am nikita rajesh shinde

Bary 14-Jul-2015 03:20:28
I need to correct the address in my daughter's aadhaar card. She is 7 years old . What supporting documents are to be given for correction. Please guide me

shekar s 13-Jul-2015 10:58:27
I have adhara card

T. Ghosh 13-Jul-2015 03:41:40
I am a NRI , in India I reside in Kolkata. There is no Aadhar centre in Kolkata. I have inquired in local municipality office they asked me to fill a form and submit. I did that one year before. Till now I have not got appointment. I will travel Kolkata in October, is there any way I can get an appointment for Aadhar card during that period.

R. Alamelu 12-Jul-2015 08:00:42
We are yet to submit aadhar forms. No Photographs are being taken in our area. Aadhar card is very essential today but it is being delayed in our location. We need to resolve this at the earliest possible.

Gaurab Lahkar 11-Jul-2015 01:51:33
i stay in satyaniketan, New Delhi. Would you please confirm the centre in my area from where I can apply for the same.

i staying in Goregaon , now my daughter is 5 years 6 month old pl suggest Adhar card center in Goregaon East

My wife Rima Rajesh Sawant apply for Adhar Card before 1 year but still date we have not received. She also lost receipt what to do.Her mobile no is nnnnnnnnn2,staying in NNP Plot No.1,1B-7, Goregaon East

Prasant Gangopadhyay 10-Jul-2015 06:27:40
i didn't enrolled in adhar bcoz my office work I went to out bengal so,kindly plz send me time schedule in my location for next enrollment. address: puipukur, kalikapur, Barasat,24 parganas(n),kol-nnn,wb

Sonu 09-Jul-2015 11:33:23
Votar Id

prashant rajput 08-Jul-2015 23:14:59
make a aadhar card

CHANDRAN.A 08-Jul-2015 07:13:15
Till now not apply to AADHAAR Card , Pls send the details for next schedule time line and location

Payal desai 08-Jul-2015 05:07:26
I want Aadhar card. 1. Is it possible to have one now? 2. If yes, please tell me the procedures n paperwork involved. 3. How long does this procedures take? Thanks for your valuable time Payal

monirul molla 07-Jul-2015 16:42:59
vill,Radhanagar,po,sonapukur,ps-Haroa,dist,North 24 parganas,pin-nnnnnn

Vivek 07-Jul-2015 11:29:20
mujhe aadhar card ban bana hai

arun 07-Jul-2015 08:21:37

Minal 07-Jul-2015 07:50:26
Is the permanent resident certificate applicable to get aadhar card made and is the uttam nagar centre in delhi open

mohan lal sahu 07-Jul-2015 04:52:52
Sir, When there will be adhar card in assam.

ANAND POKHARNA 07-Jul-2015 02:42:33
i want a change of address on my aadhar card so how do i do it please help me with this. thank you

maheshwari sanjay koli 06-Jul-2015 02:17:37
adharcard banvana he.

Rajinder Kumar Kaul 06-Jul-2015 01:17:18
Strange that there are no Aadhaar Registration centers in Jammu district. In Jammu province there is only one in the remotest place of state I e Kishtwar, Any specific reason for this special status for Jammu? Is there any state in India with similar condition? Anyway when will these centers are expected to come up? Please inform. Mera Bharat Mahan!!!!

saurabh sunil gavali 05-Jul-2015 09:04:51
how to change dob

saurabh sunil gavali 05-Jul-2015 09:03:36

Akshay Vaidya 05-Jul-2015 08:18:09
Hello ! My question to you is whether the enrollment form and the correction form are same of aadhar card?. I have been browsing a lot about the formalities and procedure regarding the enrollment and it was specified in a particular website that the enrollment form can be downloaded from the internet and later a print of this downloaded form with completing the details can be submitted to the enrollment centers. Please help me as I am confused between the enrollment/correction form. Thankyou!!

umesh chandra gupta 05-Jul-2015 01:07:22
aadhar card

Sandhya meshram 04-Jul-2015 03:39:32
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